More Autumn Tablescape

I stuck to my plan today – I cleaned, I dusted, I vacuumed, I mopped, and the most fun part was I put out some fall decorations!! :)

Here are my Irish Belleek kids again – doing their part in celebrating the fall season. [Ivory Spring’s HOLIDAY TRADITION — I always read “Of Plymouth Plantation” by William Bradford during the couple of months leading up to Thanksgving]:

I decided to do something more “grand” with them, starting with an Italian gilded mirror that never got hung, and some fall “scraps” I have used over and over again over the years:

This is the final look, and the centerpiece is displayed on our breakfast table:

I decided to use the rest of the scraps for the display on the dining table. See if you could spot some usual suspects from this post:

This is my 2006 Thanksgiving Menu Card that I had done by hand-calligraphy to let my guests know what we were having for dinner that night:

Right about this time, my camera battery was running out of steam. I had to stop taking pictures and save the battery juice for uploading the pictures. I will have more pictures to show you later this week. Meanwhile, HAPPY FALL, everyone! :)

8 thoughts on “More Autumn Tablescape

  1. Oh so lovely! Happy Fall to you too. I’m going to Seattle this weekend and hopefully I’ll get a chance to drag out some fall decor! :0) You accomplished a lot today…

  2. Beautiful flurry of colours! I love fall colours, there’s something special about them for sure, it’s like nature puts on a show of combinations of colours in the right hues working together harmonically. I love your framed menu card idea, lovely touch.

  3. Beautiful fall decorations…I absolutely love the fall florals with your silver…lovely! Also, William Bradford is my 11th great-grandfather…so naturally Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!

  4. Ivory Spring, what a fun time of year! Your Irish Bellek figurines look gorgeous set in autumn colour and your dining table would not look out of place in Buckingham Palace! ‘Of Plymouth Plantation’ must be an inspiring Thanksgiving book. We do not have a similar celebration, unfortunately. Our calendar is basically clear until Christmas!

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