Autumn Tablescape

To get geared up for the fall season, I am showing you a few of my autumn tablescape pictures. Please keep in mind those pictures were taken before blogging, so you would have to excuse the quality of some (*grin*):

I have truly enjoyed reading the holiday traditions you have left on my giveaway post. I will be sharing between now and the holiday season the different traditions we have at my house – one of which is that we do not serve turkey at any other time during the year except during THANKSGIVING (or maybe Christmas). It makes it all the more special when we walk through the house on Thanksgiving Day and smell the turkey roasting deliciously in the oven!

I wish my bloggy friends in the Northern Hemisphere a very beautiful and safe autumn! Till next time! :)

Click the following links for more autumn tablescapes:

More Autumn Accoutrement

More Autumn Tablescape

Autumn Dessert Presentation

Click here if you are interested in the napkin presentation.

28 thoughts on “Autumn Tablescape

  1. Oh I enjoyed all this Fall/Thanksgiving wonderfulness…
    Very elegant table full of lovely harvest themes..
    The napkin presentation is great. Have a wonderful weekend Wendy.

  2. My friends and family tease me about the fact that I take photos of tablescapes before everyone sits down to eat. I take them at holidays and special occasions, parties and open house events. Now I don’t feel like I am the only one that does that! I love your table decor. I wish I had china specifically for the fall season. I was tempted to buy the Pfaltzgraff china but have (so far) managed to convince myself that I really don’t need it. I do have harvest accessory pieces but your tablescapes are tempting me!

  3. Gorgeous table that truly does look like the bounty of the harvest is about to be brought in. I love the colours of fall but wish it didn’t mean winter and cold and snow were coming!

  4. I love your tablescapes and the dishes with the ring-necked pheasant are delightful.

    The only time we eat turkey is at Thanksgiving, which is in October in Canada, and Christmas. It certainly does make it much more special if you only have it once or twice a year. Just reading your post and thinking of that turkey fragrance makes my mouth water. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving, which is the October 13th this year.

    Thanks so much for sharing. I enjoyed your Show and Tell Friday.

  5. Hi, I love your Fall China! Your table looks great and we too do not serve Turkey except for Thanksgiving. I cannot wait for that smell of Turkey cooking throughout the house!
    Love, Ann

  6. I love to decorate the table at the holidays! Your pheasant plates are gorgeous. Although Christmas tablescapes are always beautiful, there is something particularly lovely about the harvest colors and symbols.

  7. Everything is so beautiful and so colorful! I DO love the dinner plates especially!—gorgeous.

    My Show n Tell this week is Halloween. Come by if you can find some time. I’d love to have you visit with me and critique my project.

  8. Your table is very impressive. I love your turkey dinnerware and the colors on your table are gorgeous! The one thing that stood out for me was the napkins. Can you tell us what fold that is or how you did it?

  9. Your tablescape is just gorgeous!

    We only have turkey on Thanksgiving, too, mainly because it si such a production (not the turkey itself but everything to go along with it), si, though it is not purposefully a tradition for us, it does have that association with Thanksgiving Day.

  10. You have a real talent for doing tablescapes and I love the way you displayed the Turkey. We usually only have Turkey at Thanksgiving and only the breast. No one likes the dark meat and it results in too many leftovers so now we just do the white meat. I love the Smokey ones and maybe if we got a smoked whole Turkey we’d like it better.

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