My vacuum “ate” my… , and other updates!

Would you ever have guessed….. the answer is “embroidery floss”! My vacuum ate my embroidery floss, causing a major delay in the progress of my French rouge cross-stitch. When that happened, I had a better understanding of the phrase “in the twinkling of an eye!”. I was running the vacuum around my stitching corner, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw my skein of embroidery floss – the next thing I knew, the floss was in the belly of the vacuum cleaner. It took me days to get another skein of floss at the store. Here is the progress over the weekend:

Meanwhile, I have started my new quilt projects that are to be featured in “The Quilter” early 2009. I am switching over to the “assembly line” method instead of rotary-cutting as I go. I hope this would speed things up:

Working on the spring fabrics reminded me that I need to wish my Aussie bloggy friends — a very HAPPY and BEAUTIFUL spring! For the rest of my bloggy friends, I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day nonetheless! :)


I also received all of these from wonderful bloggy friends. What an honor – a heartfelt THANK YOU to these dear ladies!!!

1. From Cathi in Canada:

2. From Barbara H:

3. From Charlotte:

4 thoughts on “My vacuum “ate” my… , and other updates!

  1. Hi Wendy! The Spring project looks great. It’s fun to think that it is Spring somewhere!
    I’m still hoping for a real feel of fall way out here in Southern California. I do get to go to Washington the last weekend in September to hopefully experience some serious fall weather :0)

  2. So sorry about the floss! I believe I’d have been trying to find it. :) I love those spring fabrics – can’t wait to see what you make with them. blessings, marlene

  3. You have a beautiful blog. Your photos are fantastic! And your quilting is out of sight. I don’t have a lot of quilting completed — but have some pieced things to finish-finish

    Sorry to read about sweeping up your floss into the machine. goodness. I don’t think that has happened to me yet. : )

    Stitch well — quilt well

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