Appreciating my Bloggy Friends — GIVEAWAY! Please SCROLL DOWN for new posts updated daily!!

My bloggy friends,

I have truly appreciated your sweet and kind comments on my Pieceful Garden projects. And as a token of my appreciation, I am giving this pillow away to go with the quilt some of you are making with the kit, or as an accent piece in your home decorating:

Here are a few simple rules:

1. All are welcome to enter the drawing (that means anyone who reads or stumbles upon this blog!).

2. All you need to do is to leave a comment about any of the following between now and Sept 30:

– your favorite post on this blog

– your favorite holiday tradition

– what you think of “The Quilter” (Nov 2008) if you’ve already gotten a copy

– or, just any comment!

3. Only one comment per person (please make sure I will have a way to contact you).

4. Please note that if you are living outside of the US, only the pillow case will be mailed to you.

5. The winner will be announced on Oct 1, 2008.

Have a great day, everyone. I look forward to hearing from you! :)


50 thoughts on “Appreciating my Bloggy Friends — GIVEAWAY! Please SCROLL DOWN for new posts updated daily!!

  1. I really enjoyed your post about tea from Vietnam and you showed us your cute little teapot, etc. I’m a green tea fan too but I’d never heard of vietnamese green tea. I just keep learning things!

    Gorgeous pillow you’re giving away. You shouldn’t do that; you should keep it for yourself! lol

  2. I love your pillow! It is beautiful! My favorite holiday tradition is having my kids help with chopping all the ingredients for my dressing and then helping me combine them to make the dressing at Thanksgiving. I just love turkey and dressing!
    Have a Blessed Day,

  3. My favourite holiday tradition used to be making a Christmas fruitcake — the gathering of ingredients and the day it was baking. The smell from the baking was positively wonderful!
    That pillow is gorgeous — really looks wonderful. I cannot believe the age of the upholstery fabric on that sofa. It looks like it’s new!

  4. Wendy, I love all of your posts, but my absolute favorite was the one you called “Instant Gratification.” I so loved looking at your quilt in progress and all the marvelous finely-detailed quilting you did with it. It was fantastic to see your quilting space. I’m amazed at what you can accomplish on your machine… without it being a long arm machine!

    Love the pillow, and the quilt that goes with it. It DOES go with it, right? LOL

  5. You know that we share a passion for china so I always enjoy when you blog about your tableware.

    My favorite holiday tradition revolves around a tree top angel that my parents bought when I was a small child living in Japan. Her dress is made from clear drinking straws and sprinkled with gold glitter. Her face is a small painted wooden ball. I know she sounds horrid but I begged for her when my parents started putting up a smaller tree. Now my youngest son has requested the angel as part of his inheritance. We love her!

  6. I love the pillow! How sweet of you to giveaway.

    My favorite holiday tradition is a Easter tradition that is about six years old. We have all the kids, their spouses and grandkids (9!) for dinner.
    On the table there is always a butter lamb. My husband very seriously cuts off the butt of the butter lamb, then dinner can bein.
    The grandkids love it, my oldest grandaughter even wrote a story about it at school.
    We are an odd family, but close.

  7. What a wonderful giveaway, I would love to be entered! One of my favorite traditions is coming up. On the first day of fall we watch the Anne of Green Gables and have a tea party!

  8. Ivory Spring, this is a most wonderful giveaway! I enjoy all your posts, so choosing one above another was tough! Being a book lover, one very special post recently, utterly charmed and inspired me – “A Most Beautiful Book” posted on September 5. The calligraphy, illustrations and subject matter were thoroughly enchanting. It would be fun to work on a little project like this someday.

  9. My favorite “family” holiday tradition is putting the first ornament on the tree. It started over 40 years ago; as a child I had a favorite reindeer ornament that I insisted went on ther tree first ,so all throughout my childhood my brother and I would take turns putting this ornament on our tree first. My daughter then carried on the tradition and now my three grandsons take turns and carry on the tradition. However, about 20 years ago my husband introduced another aspect to the tradition. His part in the tradition is pretending he is going to put another ornament on first and then the race is on to get the “real” ornament there first!

  10. Holiday traditions….When my grandchildren were babies I made and filled a stocking for each one. As they got bigger the gifts overflowed the stockings so the gifts went into “Santa Sacks” and the stockings stayed on the mantel. Now, even though some of them are nearly grown, they’ll give up their “big” Christmas present if only I keep on with the “Santa Sacks.” blessings, marlene

  11. I’ve been so behind with my comments. Well, my favourite post. I love all of your posts, a great way to come here and look at the beautiful handiwork you’re up to. I love your foody posts as well. If I have to choose an absolute favourite, it’ll be the post about your baby daygown.

  12. I enjoyed the post about the book “The Psalms of David with Illuminations” by James S. Freemantle. I got onto Ebay, found the book, bid and won! The Psalms have been on my mind since my 3 year old granddaughter memorized and recited the 23rd Psalm to me. The beautiful Scriptures are food for the soul and the graphics are a delight to the eye. I will be giving her the book when I have finished enjoying it! :~} All of your work is so lovely – the quilting, smocking, etc. It is hard to pick a favorite. Thank you for sharing it all.

  13. The pillow is a lovely giveaway and I’d be honored to win.

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I love the time with family and the smells of all the food cooking. I love it so much that each year I make the whole dinner again at my own home the Sunday following Thanksgiving!

    Karen A.

  14. OOOOHHHH hard to pick a favorite…have made your apple crumble…for the book club girls, they loved it. But think the close ups of the quilting on your lovely quilt..has to be my favorite!!!!

  15. Your quilted pillow is beautiful. It is so generous of you to do a give away. I KNOW the time that goes into something like that. It is hard for me to pick a favorite post. I love your tea posts and your quilts. The both inspire me. I will have to say that my favorite post is “‘Tis hard to part with old and faithful friends” about your Bibles. I stumbled on it the first time I visited your blog and it made me feel like we were kindred spirits.

    Thanks for taking the time to blog. I feel like I have had a nice visit with a friend when I pop in.

  16. Thank you for your sweet comment! My mom is very good at advertising for me. =) I have been looking at your posts-what beautiful decorating! You have a very refined, classic style! I enjoyed visiting. It’s so nice nice to make a new friend.


  17. Hi! It was so good to hear from you! Just how did we lose touch??? :) I love seeing your beautiful handiwork, you are so talented! … and your extensive collection of beautiful china and silver! This pillow is amazing and anyone would be so blessed to win it!

    Your fall tablescapes are fabulous! I love the white couple/children pieces, and the corncupia is gorgeous!!!! I have the brass quail, but mine are very tarnished! I tried to clean them, but they are still mighty dark! Everything is so pretty! :) ~Rhonda

  18. What an absolutely beautiful pillow!
    Your blog is great, too. I especially enjoyed the Culinary section–loved the Creamy Cranberry Coffee Cake Recipe! Will try that one for Thanksgiving!

  19. Good Morning Wendy!

    I had a few life side steps to deal with the past few weeks but I knew I had to come and see you for your pillow giveaway. I am still in shock you would be willing to part with your amazing artwork! I love everything about your wonderful blog but especially you….you are a very thoughtful, talented woman.

    Holidays…I enjoy them dearly, at Thanksgiving each year my whole family gathers and bakes christmas cookies :).

    I missed your Vietnamese tea, I will have to look that up.

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
    Kathi :)

  20. I’d love to win this pillow! It’s gorgeous!
    I enjoyed your post about GRAPES! :)
    I love the holidays–Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. We always have a big family dinner for every holiday/birthday, so I guess that’s our tradition!

  21. I really enjoyed the post on Sept. 5 for show and tell of the book on Psalms – it is so beautifully done! Thanks for sharing that and thanks for the chance to be in the drawing for the BEAUTIFUL pillow, a true work of art!

  22. favorite holiday tradition is going to church as a family on christmas eve for the childrens mass…

    thanks for a great giveaway

  23. My favorite Christmas tradition is going out with my grandsons and hubby to cut a live tree. We’ve done this from the time the boys were toddlers. After the tree is cut, they boys help us decorate it. A wonderful tradition that I hope will last for many years to come.

  24. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for coming to visit my blog- it has been quite exciting to see the many people who have come to visit after two postings- I hope that others will find it interesting.

    Your pillow is gorgeous and what a nice giveaway to be hosting.
    My favorite holiday is Christmas and I usually do my house up with lots of Christmas decorations. I do other things for other seasons but I am not as consistent with those decorations.
    I have just bought the new Quilter magazine and I love the sunflower table runner – its the reason that I bought it.
    Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

  25. I love so much about your blog that I can’t find a favorite post. I am looking forward to your Carols of the Cardinals coming out soon in the Quilter’s magazine. I am very fond of your feather stitching and like to just look through your pictures and hope I will be able to do such work someday. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.

  26. The pillow is awesome. I love the design and color choices.
    Thank you for the comment on my blog – I love to check out the blogs of anyone who comments. I have found some wonderful blogs this way.

    P.S. the Nana’s Cross design will be changing due to a request from the Nana. I think everyone will like it better. I know I will. Now if I can scrap together some time to work on it……

  27. I think my favorite holiday tradition is cookie baking for Christmas. I use mostly tried and true recipes, but I’m game to try new ones too.
    Your pillow is so beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s always such fun to meet new bloggers with similar ideas.

    I have to say that I have enjoyed being a subscriber to “The Quilter” for several years and each issue never fails to amaze me. As you can see, I do enjoy trying the different patterns from them.

    One of our family traditions is having the family over and sharing wonderful snack foods while everyone gets a chance to visit and share gifts — homemade ones being most cherished.

    I love the selection of fabrics in your pillow. Looks like you did a great job too. I will definitely be checking back on you blog.

  29. Hi, I just stumbled on you blog and my my my I must say that it is oh so wonderful. Very lively and you do such lovely work, and I’m not just saying this because of the giveaway but it is honest, I will be back. Blessings to you…. By the way my favorite holiday is Christmas so all of us we love get together..

  30. Hi, I just looked though all your website and am so impressed how sophisticated work you have done and your quilts are very precise and gorgeous! I will definitely come back to check on your updates!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog and I am so glad to have got to know you in the blogland!!

  31. What a beautiful pillow, and how generous of you to offer it up to us blogging folks! :)

    We have a few holiday traditions…and can you believe the holiday season is already beginning? Well, for us it all starts in fall…we go apple picking, take a hay ride, and of course trick or treating with the girls on Halloween. Usually we make some silly crafts to get us in the mood too. Around Thanksgiving we put up our Christmas decor – I like to eat our turkey dinner with a fully decorated Christmas tree in view! Every year at our local park they put on a Christmas light show…you tune into their radio station and take a ride through the snow covered park, and admire the displays. We usually follow that up with a ride through town to the best lighted houses, and every Christmas Eve we have made it a tradtion to go see a family movie together, since my Husband works a good 60 or more hours a week during the holidays. I just love this time of year…when it’s all just beginning! :)

  32. Aha! Now I get it LOL! What beautiful needlework you have going on around here. I love your pillow cover and I was really excited to see some smocking — I LOVE to smock — just don’t have anyone to smock for these days!

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