“The Quilter” (November 2008)

Photo courtesy of The Quilter

I received my complimentary November issue of “The Quilter” in which my “Pieceful Garden” is featured!! I set the magazine with the pages open to my quilt on the dining table:

Right after the article on the “Pieceful Garden” is Benartex advertising the VERY same fabric collection (FAMILY TREE by Pam Lindquist) I had used for the quilt. Now, how cool is that?!

The picture in the magazine shows off very nicely the free-hand feather quilting I had done on the quilt with my Bernina 640E using the Bernina Stitch Regulator. I thought you might enjoy some close-up pictures of the quilting:

Here are some pictures of the back of the quilt:

The sample quilt is currently on display at Rogers Sewing Center, my “home-sweet sewing-home”. So, if you happen to find yourself in Northwest Arkansas, do hop on in and meet the sweet people there.

As a contributing quilter in the magazine, I was MORE than anxious to thumb through the magazine to see exactly how my quilt is being featured in the magazine. I have to say I am thoroughly impressed by Laurette Koserowski (the editor) and her staff for a job very very well done, not only in featuring my quilt in such an attractive way, but also the other quilt projects as well.

Another reason I like the “The Quilter” is because I feel like much thought is put into the presentation of each quilt project — the details and accents are simply amazing. To me, the magazine also serves as an excellent resource for quilters to get ideas on how to incorporate quilts in home decorating. My quilting friends, I hope you are planning to get your own copy — you will be inspired, I promise!


You may click here to order the kit to construct the quilt top (includes binding).

Don’t leave without clicking here to see what you can do with the kit scraps.

UPDATE (9/11/2008) — my European Sham Pillow, made with kit scraps, is now COMPLETE!!

UPDATE (9/14/2008) — my other pillow made with kit scraps is now also COMPLETE!!

UPDATE (9/16/2008) — click here to win a pillow made with the kit scraps to match your quilt!!



24 thoughts on ““The Quilter” (November 2008)

  1. That must be so cool to have your work featured in a magazine like that. It looks great. I love the dishes around your magazine…

  2. Beautiful quilt…the quilting is absolutely gorgeous. I will definitely pick up the magazine and make it. Also, I’ve never purchased that magazine before, so thanks for the review.

  3. I stopped by the Rogers Sewing Center last Friday to see your quilt (along with your other quilt). It’s beautiful. I like the way your feathers “pop” on the back of the quilt. It’s so nice to be able to see these in person.

  4. You never cease to amaze me with your beautiful quilts. This quilt is absolutely spectacular. I cannot believe how intricate your quilting is on this beuaty. Congratulations on having your work featured in the magazine. You deserve that at more.
    You’re very sweet for checking on me. It was a routine visit and everything is A-okay with me. Thanks for asking.
    Take care.

  5. Congratulations on the publication! Your quilts are amazing! I’m currently working on my first patchwork quilt and have been thinking to myself how intricate mine is, with it’s rows of square patches. He he he! I am totally blown away looking at these! I have much to aspire too!

  6. Congratulations Wendy! I’m so excited for you and it’s only a matter of days until everyone can have their own copy, you must be proud :). Your quilt is amazing! I can’t stop looking at it :).

    Have a wonderful Thursday!
    Kathi :)

  7. Well, I am just stunned at the magnificent quilt you made! It is absolutely gorgeous. And then to have it published – how wonderful – congratulations! You should be super proud because you are amazingly talented. I sooooooo wish I could do that! I feel very happy if I manage to sew a button on correctly! Now, give me a paintbrush and a blank wall…
    Wonderful post…Kathy

  8. I was wondering on what thread on top and bottom and batting and was this all done with the BSR or free hand or software and if software what Cd. Thanks again Jen

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