“Lemonade” Smocking & News

HAPPY MONDAY, Everyone, I hope you have had a great weekend! I had a blessed one even though it was a bit hectic.

“Lemonade” Quilts are quilts made with either a pink or yellow color scheme. I thought I would show you the 95% finished smocking on my dotted Swiss “Pink & Yellow Lemonade” daygown ( I won’t be able to add the boullion roses until the gown is constructed):

I didn’t have much trouble with smocking through the dotted Swiss even though I didn’t remove the dots from the smocking area, except for when the needle had to go right through a “dot”. But as long as I kept my needle perpendicular to the pleat, and push a little harder, I didn’t have any problems:

The daygown should look like this after construction (hopefully!):

Picture from Nancy Coburn


Meanwhile, look what I got?

The Pieceful Garden Quilt Kits are ready to ship starting TOMORROW!

Photo courtesy of The Quilter

8 thoughts on ““Lemonade” Smocking & News

  1. Oh my, how beautiful! You almost make me wish my new grandbaby was gonna’ be a girl and not a boy. Don’t let my son know I said that! A friend was smocking at church tonight a beautiful little dress – she was putting pumpkins in the smocking! blessings, marlene

  2. Good Morning and Happy Monday to you. That little dress is just wonderful. I love the colors and the smocking, the dotted swiss is fabulous. Enjoy!

  3. This is just gorgeous. My smocking progress is slow but I’m loving every minute of it. I really need better lighting or newer eyes…Your quilt is so very pretty…very tempted to get a kit, but I have to tell myself to stop…focus…dresses for 3 little girls are going to keep me far too busy to quilt….sigh….

  4. I really enjoy reading your blog. I am particularly interested in smocking, so I was drawn to this post. It is such an inspiration to me seeing the beautiful things that you create! Your photography of your artwork is 75% of what I love about your blog. To be able to see what you describe is “worth a 1000 words.”
    Thanks for sharing yourself,
    Julie who wants to me more creative

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