Block Scraps and Award

Photo courtesy of "The Quilter"

I ended with a bunch of “block” scraps from the “Pieceful Garden” quilt:

I had invested time in constructing those blocks, and just didn’t feel right tossing them away! I was trying to come up with a bonus free pattern to offer with the “Pieceful Garden” kit, and thanks to my quilting mentor Barbara, it might just turn out to be the perfect little bonus project — stay tuned! :)


Many thanks to Holly of Holly’s Stitching and Stuff for the following award. Holly is an incredible needleworker – do visit her to see her beautiful stitchery:


4 thoughts on “Block Scraps and Award

  1. Congratulations on your much deserved award! Wow – the peaceful garden quilt is gorgeous. Best wishes too with your block scrap project – sounds intriguing! I’ve never sewn a patchwork quilt before. My mum is visiting for a few weeks and is going to help me make a simple quilt with fabrics I’ve had at the back of my cupboard for a few years! Should be interesting!!

  2. Beautiful quilt and I love how it is photographed. Congratulations on your awards Wendy. You are a kind encouraging blogger with lots of wonderful talent in those hands of yours…

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