OFB Smocked Daygown Part 5: Fancy Hem

From this…

… to this with entredeux in between the laces (attached to the hem of the daygown):

The view of the dress with fancy hem attached:

For those who are interested in the technical side of things regarding the lace assembly before attaching the whole thing to the hem of the dress –

1. I found lightly spray-starching and pressing the laces before doing the lace assembly a big help. That stabilizes the laces very well especially when I was dealing with long lengths of laces.

2. I used a clear foot so that I can easily keep track of the stitching:

3. I also made full use of my magnifying glass whenever I feel like I need it to magnify the entredeux holes when attaching the lace to the entredeux:

4. I used a zia-zag stitch (with W=2.2, and L between 1.0-1.2, adjusted as needed)

The shocking math of all this — just for this little infant daygown, the amount of laces/trims used was 8 1/8 yards of French Val Lace, and 8 1/8 yard of entredeux!!!


I hope you enjoyed the progress report on my Old Fashioned Baby Daygown, and I hope you have a Marvelous Monday, all my bloggy friends!


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8 thoughts on “OFB Smocked Daygown Part 5: Fancy Hem

  1. That adds so much to an already beauitful gown.

    I would definitely need a magnifying glass to sew something like that! I didn’t realize they made them as attachments for sewing machines.

  2. Hi Ivory Spring! I’m back from my lovely break and home sweet home! Your project is beautiful – requiring many hours no doubt! The smocking and lace are gorgeous – it’s been interesting viewing your progress. Thanks for sharing your tips too – I enjoy imagining the process but not sure I’d have the patience and dedication required! Thanks for a lovely visit, your blog is a delight as always!

  3. The lace looks fantastic! I didn’t even know what entredeux was before I did Samantha’s christening gown. It sure make a pretty addition, but boy is it difficult to sew because of the narrowness of it. I had to order my entredeux online. No store around here carried it. They didn’t even know what it was! Gorgeous gown, Wendy.

  4. This morning when I came by none of the photos were showing so I waited and now they all show yippee. I love the lace hem. Just precious. I just found out my little 7 month niece will be here this weekend from Dallas. I’m so excited to see her sitting on her own…
    Have a wonderful night and day tomorrow…

  5. I’ve been wanting to leave comments, but my computer has been so slow at showing all the pictures that I had to give up. Even now I can only see some of them, but what I can see are all so beautiful. You did a wonderful job with the hem, love the whole daygown. It’s amazing how much lace you’ve used, that explains why these daygowns are often quite costly to buy.

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