“Count Your Blessings” Baby Quilt

This is a girly baby quilt I made using machine embroidered applique motifs on scrappily pieced background:

The bear motifs are from a collection called Alpha Bears.  My favorite part is being able to use my own colors to “dress up” these girly bears in their favorite outfits!

I hope you all have a very blessed week ahead of you!!  It’s always wonderful to have you stop by.  Do drop me a line so that I can visit you too.

6 thoughts on ““Count Your Blessings” Baby Quilt

  1. I love this quilt and will have to keep this in mind for my next baby quilt. I’ve added appliques over foundations but not machine embroidery. Thank you for sharing.
    Keep Stitchen’

  2. Was trying to come here yesterday but couldn’t somehow! Glad I can be here today. I’ve always got a softspot for bears, even though only my kids have things related to bears these days. Oh! This quilt is precious, love the little details, colours and the way you’ve dressed them.

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