A few stitches here, a few stitches there…

(showing you the “before the latest” picture):

Pretty soon, you will see —

1) a complete spool of fancy ribbon and some new spools of threads in the forming:

2) a growing appendage:

3) and a somewhat noticeable progress compared to the “before the latest” picture:

Compare to my goal, I have a long way to go.  And to think I had thought when I started earlier this year that I would have this completed in time for this year’s county fair (which coming up in less than two weeks)!!  Bwa-hahahahahaha!!! :)  That was pretty naive of me, wasn’t it?

Thanks for stopping by for my work-in-progress show and tell today!  I hope you have a blessed day.  And remember, if you in the middle of reaching toward a big goal — baby steps will eventually get you there! :)  I am stitching right along with you…

28 thoughts on “A few stitches here, a few stitches there…

  1. Oh! I know what that’s like, especially when you have so many projects going all at once, you’ve done well to make progress even little by little. I love the finished picture, I guess it’s something that will keep you working on it, driving you one step further. By the way, I love the look of the sewing machine in the pic and all the little details as well.

  2. This is going to be nice when you get it finished. Two weeks – hum – maybe if you worked on it night and day. I’ve done quite a bit of cross-stitching. I think it’s fun to see the picture progressing.

  3. Baby steps are so important in getting projects done for sure. It will be fun to see the finished project which seems huge!!

  4. I know exactly what you mean about “baby steps”. I started a Christmas stocking when I found out I was pregnant. I was quite an intricate design – a teddy and kitten in front of a decorated tree with gifts underneath – and I thought I would never finish it. But, baby steps, and I proudly hung it up for my daughter’s first Christmas. Thanks for sharing – this piece is adorable!

  5. Wendy, you are amazing! This is already beautiful and looks exactly like the picture you’ve shown. I haven’t crossed in years, you make me want to pick it up and get busy. There are times in the evening when I’m just sitting after a long days work. Perhaps this fall and winter, what an inspiration you are! Thank you for always sharing your beautiful work.

    Have a Fantastic Friday!
    Kathi :)

  6. Did you hear the oh I said outloud! Your work is great and I used to do this…then I saw what you have left! You are going to be busy. It will be beautiful…

  7. That is going to be absolutely gorgeous when finished. Sometimes I think half the fun of a really detailed project like that is the time it takes — time when we get to really enjoy the whole process.

  8. This is going to be a real treasure. What a fun and wonderful piece. It made me smile the minute that I saw it. What is it about Teddy Bears that make us all feel so happy and loved? You’ve done such a gorgeous job on this piece. Thank you for sharing it today.


  9. Your cross-stitch is coming along nicely. It’s such a detailed piece and will be beautiful when it’s finished. Thank you for sharing your needle work with us.

  10. Dear Ivory Spring

    Your blog has been a daily dose of loveliness and inspiration. I look at your posts and dream of creating heirloom needlework projects for our home. Alas and alack this year is not the year for me to begin. But I shall continue to enjoy watching your projects take shape.

    I am on holiday for three weeks beginning tomorrow and will not be blogging while I’m away. I look forward to catching up when I get back! Happy stitching!


  11. Please let me know how to get the sewing room themed teddy bears. It would be so perfect for my mother in law for she makes teddy bears for a hobby and I would love to do this for her

  12. Just about the teddy bear themes cross stitch. look forward to hearing from someone that just has the pattern or kit

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