Machine-embroidered Cutwork

[Definition of cutwork embroidery: In cutwork, small shapes are cut out of the ground material, the cut edges are embroidered, and the vacant space is often filled in with decorative stitches.

This embroidery technique, traditionally wrought by hand, has a longstanding history in Europe, with its beauty most spectacularly exhibited by the Italians.]


I had to do a test on doing cutwork using machine embroidery to make sure it really works before doing a real project for Creative Machine Embroidery appearing in their March/April issue next year.  It turned out to be a fun little test even though I had no idea what to expect.

It would appear that the style of the design I used resembles the style for Spanish cutwork according to Lace Fairy:

I learned that using machine embroidery to achieve the cutwork result, I have to trim the fabric REALLY REALLY close to the guiding stitch, or else I would get the annoying fuzzies (frayed edge of the linen) around the satin stitches:

After the water-soluble stabilizer was rinsed off, I trimmed the fuzzies off as best as I could.  I layered the linen over a piece of lavender fabric, and thought maybe I could make it into a satchel to give as a gift:

That ends my little escapade in the world of machine embroidery!  It’s now time for me to tend to some housework!

Have a beautiful day, everyone! :)

Click here for a post with more updates and progress.

8 thoughts on “Machine-embroidered Cutwork

  1. How absolutely lovely this is! I have a cutwork tablecloth and often wondered how it was made. That is a very interesting foot by the way. I don’t think my sewing machine has one like that! Thank you for sharing you amazing talent!

  2. That is very beautiful and interesting. Can’t wait to see what all the researching and trial pieces are for. A sachet is very good choice for something so feminine. Could you run ribbon through the cut out parts?

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