Song of Williamsburg Remix: Part 2

I completed the quilting on the “Song of Williamsburg” remix.  Here are some shots of the front of the wallhanging:

The cotton sateen fabric showcases a foil-embossed look:

The “Song of Williamsburg” Remix has yielded unexpected result, as some had told me that they actually like the back better than the front:

Honestly, I can’t decide which looks better – the front or the back.  I like the “embossed” look of the front, but also like the better contrast of the back.  So, for the first time in my quilting life, I am not going to attach a hanging sleeve or a label on the back (*gasp*) — just so that I can have a reversible wallhanging to go with the original Song of Williamsburg by the stairwell! Now, I am off to attaching the binding to finish this baby up for real!


Just out of curiosity — what is your vote?  Front or Back?

13 thoughts on “Song of Williamsburg Remix: Part 2

  1. I like the back best — the outline of the bird really is quite eye-catching. I like the front too and the embossed effect, but the back really is outstanding!

  2. yikes, I think I like the back. I think to make a final decision though I’d have to see it in person. It’s beautiful on both sides and I think your smart to not put a label on this time…

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