Now you see it…

(from last week),

Now you see it even better:

With some outline stitching:

I am never a big fan of outline stitching because it feels like I am working on an area I have already worked on. But following the design and actually doing as the design says makes a whole of difference in showing forth what’s being stitched. So, I will be doing outline stitches along with the normal cross-stitches just so that I won’t be left with miles and miles of outline stitches waited to be stitched when I am done with the cross-stitch part.

I hope you enjoy your week!


Thanks to antipersonnel for awarding me:


4 thoughts on “Now you see it…

  1. It’s coming along nicely. That stitching does make a difference. Hope your week goes well…
    Do your wrists get tired doing this work?

  2. Oh, I love outlining. To me that’s when the design comes into focus. And it goes much faster and is usually less complicated than the original cross stitches.

    Ellen asked about wrists hurting. Mine don’t, but the hand that holds the embroidery hoop cramps every now and then, but not much. I put everything down and open and close my hands a few times, and that helps.

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