Song of Williamsburg Remix: Part 1

This is the original quilt made with the “Song of Williamsburg” pattern:

For the remix, I first mirror-imaged the original pattern. I decided to veer just a little from the traditional wholecloth look, and give it a little more interest. I appliqued the bird instead of just quilting it:

I decided to also quilt the central motif with a contrasting thread, instead of a matching thread. You can’t quite see it because of the marking I have done on the quilt top. I will show the finished work once I am finished with this little wallhanging and have the marking washed off:

I wanted to audition some threads for the bigger wholecloth that I have in mind to make. So, I used some different color threads for the background feather quilting that is done without marking. I love the look of using feathers as background quilting instead of the usual stippling because the feathers just add so much more interest to the piece:

I would love to see this quilt pattern done in redwork or as a hand stitched/embroidered central motif on a quilt block, and compare the effect. Maybe one of these days… :)

Meanwhile, you all have a wonderful day!

p.s. We did get some rain today!!!

9 thoughts on “Song of Williamsburg Remix: Part 1

  1. Wow just beautiful. The detail is amazing. I’ve been bringing in the mail for my neighbor who is away and I was surprised to see Quilters Newsletter in here mail. I’ll have to ask her if she’s a quilter when she comes over to pick up her mail…

  2. I love applique so the bird is perfect. But the original took my breath! So beautiful – your work is just amazing. I love redwork but I dare not buy another pattern – I just ordered an embroidery pattern today that is the most expensive I’ve ever bought. And now I’m thinking, “What was I thinking!” Blessings, marlene

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! This is truly exquisite – mum and I are sitting here in awe and admiration of your beautiful art! I just adore how you appliqued the bird in two sections so as to create the impression of your beautiful feathers laying across her! Oh my! We are inspired!

  4. Oh my oh my!! I just fell in love with the pedestal arrangement!!! They’re all breathtaking.

    My show n tell isn’t what I had planned to do this week, the hurricane Dolly prevented me to have much online time this week since the time I did have was updating on the storm coming through our area. Next week, I hope to have my ‘tears’ show n tell. This week, I opted with photos I had on the computer already – bric a brac in our master bath. Come by if you can. I’d love a visit from you…and, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND.

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