My Sister and I

Many of the readers have told me they enjoyed my sister’s guest post. I thought I would take you down on the memory lane and show you a couple of pictures of us growing up in the hot tropics.

I am the older one in the picture:

My sister and I both got a kick out of this picture.  First of all, I think this picture must have been staged!!  We just didn’t look natural.  Secondly, I looked like a murderer, and she looked like she didn’t have a waist sitting on the piano bench. Whew, it’s a good thing we both look much better than in the picture eons ago:

Have a fun Monday, everyone!

10 thoughts on “My Sister and I

  1. Wendy I love these old shots of you and your sister. Love the sweet red dresses. A serious look maybe in the second shot, I wouldn’t go so far as to say you look like a murderer!
    Does your sister live close to you now or far away?

  2. Oh! These are precious. They look cute, in fact, you didn’t look like a murderer at all, you just look like your sister’s servant, turning the page for her while she plays the piano, lol!

  3. WOW!!!! this…. ….. had been sooo long ago…. dang ~~ me and my PIANO-practice-time-of-the-day… Ya.. my sister had to be there to MAKE SURE i practice it well.. which i’m real glad for it now. :) thanks sis, for being the “servant” for turning the pages. lol!

  4. HEY, u know what??? look at my lines of music notes on the pages, SIS, i dont think u need to “turn” pages for me when i was playing… and plus, if i’m not mistaken, i played with one hand only. i guess the other hand could do the page turning.. :))

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