Christmas in July – Part 1

I decided to have some “Christmas in July” posts in the next couple of weeks on my blog for those who can’t wait for the cooler weather and holiday season to be upon us:

This is actually my second quilt made in November 2005 just in time for Christmas that year:

I have displayed it every Christmas since:

Have a blessed day, everyone!

7 thoughts on “Christmas in July – Part 1

  1. We were just talking about making our travel arrangements for Christmas, too :0)
    How fun to be able to decorate your walls with your quilt art!
    Have a great Tuesday Wendy…

  2. This quilt looks very Christmasy, it really adds to the atmosphere, exquisite! By the way, people do actually celebrate Christmas in July here in Oz, it’s because we have winter in July. They decorate their house as if it’s Christmastime, still, the December Christmas is more of a real Christmas, Christmas in July is just extra and a trend that some people have embraced. Many companies have Christmas in July dinners and functions.

  3. Your second quilt! That is amazing, guess you definitely found your calling, more like one of your callings as you seem to have many things that you do very well.

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