Charmingly Tiny

I was inspired by Mary’s “Small is Beautiful” post today to look for something tiny and small in my house, but perfectly competitive in the charm department. I came across this tiny Royal Selangor trinket box that sits on the occasional table in the foyer:

I remember purchasing it the first year I was married. It is barely 1.5″ in diameter, and slightly less than 2″ tall. But I was taken aback by the details once I examined it closely. I went away thinking that the trinket box was absolutely charming!

Sometimes, it is the small things that we do that mean the most beautifully to others.


On another note – I am officially DONE with my quilt deadlines that have been dogging me for a while! I am so excited that I can actually do something different for a change even if it’s just for a while! ;) More sewing/quilting posts to come next week!

20 thoughts on “Charmingly Tiny

  1. What a wonderful little box!
    Congratulations on the completion of your projects!
    I hope you celebrate…

  2. Funny how you are afraid of furry animals, but you have many ornamental version of these animals, I guess you get to have them in a “different” way. Yes, it’s the details on this trinket box that makes you want to look at it and look at it. Same as vintage traditional achitecture, the details are so beautiful, I don’t mind the ultra space-age modern looking ones so much, it’s the ones that don’t have any particular style that I really don’t like.

  3. hahaha….. Rosy Inspiration, i do agree with you. My sister is VERY afraid of fluffy animals, but she does have these bunnies stuff around her.


  4. Glad to hear that your project is complete…I bet you’re pleased.

    And your trinket box for show n tell?—–That is one gorgeous piece. Love the ‘sparkle’ in the photos. Wow, what a treasure. Cute squirrel too.

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