Guest post: six random things

Hi, I am Ivory Spring’s sister, and I will be the guest-writer of today’s post. Ivory Spring was tagged to share six random things about herself by Marlene. Well, I think I can do a better job telling about Ivory Spring than she can. So here I am. It’s really not that hard to tell you six things about Ivory Spring because she is somewhat quirky.

1. Perfectionist — having a perfectionist for a sister can be challenging. Watching Ivory Spring set her dinner table is enough to drive me to the move to live with aliens. Placemats have to be exactly 1″ from the edge of the table (she claimed she had read it in a book), then there are the knives, forks and …

2. Needless to say, Ivory Spring and her sister (me) are complete opposites. She is traditional, while I am modern and contemporary.

3. She is my walking dictionary on engineering, music, cooking, writing and teaching! I’d bet you didn’t know she is a classical musician. And she is quite an effective teacher – I wish you could see those “spell-bound” kids at church when she teaches them sometimes!

4. Keep in mind Ivory Spring is quirky. She is afraid of furry animals, but she is not afraid to squish just about any bug known to mankind with her bare hands! I told you — she is quirky.

5. She is the hardest working of all of us kids. This also serves as an explanation for Random Thing #3. Do you know of any twelve year olds that would stay up past midnight studying? I do — my quirky sister Ivory Spring!

6. Being the sewing/quilting queen that she is, I’d bet you didn’t know that Ivory Spring hates mending. She doesn’t care if she has to pack all her clothes that need mending in her luggage for a 40-hour overseas plane ride — just so that I can do the mending for her! Absolutely quirky!!

I hope this doesn’t scare you from visiting Ivory Spring — do come back tomorrow — she has more pretty stuff to share with you!

8 thoughts on “Guest post: six random things

  1. This is fabulous! I love that your sister did this for you/about you :0)
    Glad you’re a bit quirky, you’re welcome to squish bugs here anytime…

  2. Wow! I wonder what my sister would say about me if she wrote six random things….I’m not sure I’d have the courage to let her to do that! And that quilting is fabulous – I’m mesmerized. Blessings, marlene

  3. I enjoyed reading this. We are all quirky in some ways, good that our sister still loves us the way we are, quirks and all! Didn’t know you were afraid of furry animals though, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind squishing aphids from rose buds with your bare hands then, haha!

  4. Hee!Hee!Hee! Now squishing bugs with bare hands, I would never have guessed that. But 1 inch from the table placemats, and perfectionism, and traditional, and hardworking, and encyclopaedic knowledge – yep! I can see all those traits in every exquisite stitch she makes. :-)

  5. This is great! I enjoyed learning more about my sewing friend from her sister. I can’t imagine what my sister would write about me either so we won’t ask! Thanks for sharing more details about the quirky Ivory Spring!

  6. Wow, that’s nice of your sis to tell us how quirky you really are! haha, but what’s Ivory Spring w/o her OCD tendencies, knowledgeable mind, and great teaching abilities?! hehe, this was really fun to read! Thanks, Ivory Spring’s fashionable sis!!

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