Old World and Patriotic

In honor of America’s upcoming celebration of her independence, I thought this quilt is apt because of its colors. The center block has machine-embroidered motif with free-motion quilted background quilting:

I used a fabric that has the flavor of the “Old World patriotic look.” The sawtooth border was decided upon learning its popularity in 18-19th century pieced quilts. Perfect marriage of the two!!

Then I decided to try for the first time some free-handed feathers. I thought even if I messed up, the busy fabric would cover any unsightly quilting. But I was very pleased with the effect, and have since loved to free-hand my feathers for background quilting:

*** Happy Monday, Everyone! ***

12 thoughts on “Old World and Patriotic

  1. Beautiful quilt, once again! Keep up the good work.
    Regarding the Mexican Casserole, I’m thinking of making it this week when my bro comes over for dinner, I love simple recipes too. Just one question, what do the corn tortillas end up tasting like (I mean the texture) in the casserole? Do they go all soft or do they remain like tortillas quite well? I have seen this recipe in another book, but have never made it to try it out, so I thought I’d ask you before I make it so I know what to expect. I’ll have to do without the chillis (though I might have Jelopeno peppers served seperately as I love them so much) as one of our girls cannot stand hot spicy food.

  2. Your quilting just amazes me. It is stunning – and to think you free hand those feathers. Really, really nice quilt. I just referenced your sewing room on my blog – I posted pictures of my sewing room but said I’m jealous of your computer setup! Blessings, marlene

  3. Your quilting is stunning!! I feel good if I can manage a straight line on the machine — so seeing what you’re doing with freehand feathers is awe-inspiring!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, Wendy. I hope when I’m used to machine quilting that my freeform feathers look half as good as yours do. You always put SO much quilting on your pieces… which I love. Very beautiful!

  5. Your quilt is incredible! Your feathers are beautiful, I can’t believe it’s the first time you’ve done them freehand. What a beautiful piece this is…it’s destined to become an heirloom.

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