How I caught the bug

… the quilting bug!

I made my first quilt after much encouragement from my quilting mentor and friend Barbara.  I had the perfect excuse to venture into something new — a newborn in the family!

I had the most fun picking and choosing the different fabrics for the quilt.  The applique was really fun too.  My favorite part of the quilt is the “bunny-go-around”:

To keep the ever running bunnies well-stocked with energy, I picked a backing fabric FULL of carrots :) :

I was smitten by the quilting bug after this first quilt, and am glad that it hasn’t left me so far! :)

Have a fun weekend, everyone!

26 thoughts on “How I caught the bug

  1. This is adorable! Learning to quilt is on my must do list! I have already been collecting fabric swatches for over 2 years! I have 3 little girls and my goal is to make a quilt for each of them that they can have when the grow up and leave home!

  2. This is truly a gorgeous quilt. Love the bunnies in the
    circle and the flower pattern. I adore it ! I see lots of
    hard work, time and love devoted to this quilt!

  3. You made this?!! And it was your FIRST quilt ever? Wow, color me very impressed! —Love the rabbit design sewn in. What a super job.

    My show n tell is shared. Hope you can stop by for a “howdy do!” Happy weekend to you—

  4. That is beautiful and the carrot fabric for the backing was THE perfect choice! I can tell a lot of attention and love went into that beautiful piece of artwork.

  5. Wow, that’s really good for your first quilt ever!!!!
    It’s so cute!! And I love the back too!
    The little butterflies are just too adorable!!!

  6. What a wonderful first quilt! Nothing like mine, I assure you – I just cut out some squares (I think it was a polyester blend) and sewed them back together with no real eye for how it was going to turn out. I would never have thought of tackling applique – you are a brave, and talented, soul! blessings, marlene

  7. What a beautiful quilt-are you sure that was the first one you ever made? :) Keep up the wonderful work. I would love to learn but just don’t have the time right now.


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