Road to California

I made this quilt with the “Road to California” quilt blocks a couple of years ago for my brother when he had the opportunity to intern at a winery in Northern California. I had chosen grape-themed fabrics for obvious reasons:

I had the brilliant idea to quilt feathers on the quilt. Keep in mind that I had only been sewing for a few months and had NO expertise in free-motion quilting. All I knew about the machine was that I could use it for straight stitches. So, I set out to quilt these feather wreaths using straight stitches (feed dog up) by turning the quilt every few stitches in order to sew the circular shape:

Needless to say – it was pure torture to me that I had brought upon myself. I couldn’t be happier when the quilt was finished, simply because I just couldn’t stand to quilt the feather wreath on the umpteenth block with straight stitches! That was when I decided I was going to learn free-motion quilting to make my life easier. That was also when I decided that I was going to the Bernina Stitch Regulator to make my life even easier. I haven’t looked back since! And thank goodness for TECHNOLOGY!! :)

8 thoughts on “Road to California

  1. Ok I didn’t understand a lot of that but I’m glad you got that end product – beautiful. And I’m also glad that there is technology out there to make your life easier in creating these beauties!

  2. I’m impressed! I can’t free motion quilt to save my life — straight lines are the best I can do at the best of time when it comes to using the machine!

  3. Wendy, it’s beautiful! No need to apologize for anything on this quilt. And hey – it’s in MY COLORS! Nice choice with the fabric. Wish you were in Michigan to teach me free-motion quilting. I’m going to get a Pfaff Grand Quilter, and need some instruction!

  4. Can you use the Bernina Stitch Regulator on other machines? I have a Janome, but have been looking at that stitch regulator and don’t see one for the Janome.

    Love your work! I have tried quilting just like that…round edges with the feed dogs up and turning every couple of stitches…guess some of us have to learn the hard way!


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