Instant Gratification

For me, feather quilting is one of the most appealing aspects in quilting. Traditionally, quilters have used the double-stuffed “tranpunto” method to achieve a more dimensional look for their feathers so that their feathers would “pop” out. The trapunto technique is of course an old-world technique originated from Italy in the 1300’s.

Now, we quilters can have instant gratification achieving the trapunto effect — WOOL BATT!

1. Easily maneuvered to fit under the small “neck” of a home machine — the lightness definitely is a plus!

2. Realizes the trapunto effect instantaneously as I quilt — no more double-stuffing for me. See how the feathers just pop?

(The above pictures are from “My Wholecloth Sampler”, published in “The Quilter” Magazine in March 2008. The feather designs are original, and the pattern sheets are in the March Issue available for sale from “The Quilter“).

3. Drapes wonderfully well, and the dense quilting does not make the quilt feel like a piece of cardboard. It makes a beautifully and densely quilted quilt feel soft and snuggly.

4. It quilts like a DREAM! I absolutely love it!!

I highly recommend the wool batt made by Heirloom Hobbs (especially the Tuscany Wool). It might surprise quilters that Hobbs Manufacturing of Texas actually makes things other that batting. Checkout their website to see what other interesting things they make. I find their range of products fascinating from an engineering perspective!

If you are looking for something new to incorporate in your quilts this summer, may I recommend WOOL?

Meanwhile, HAPPY MONDAY, everyone!

14 thoughts on “Instant Gratification

  1. It is a beautiful style Wendy! Julian gave me the Quilts of Provence for Valentine’s Day this year and it has a wonderful history of the trapunto – or as they refer to it in France “Italian work”! The historical examples given are utterly exquisite – as is your amazing quilting! It’s as complex and dainty as your china!

  2. I have to agree that your quilting is amazing. I was very interested in the batting information. I haven’t done nearly as much quilting as you so am always looking for information from someone with experience. I have been thinking of trying a bamboo batting for a table topper…have you heard anything about it or tried it out? I just need something light but, that I will still be able to quilt a little and am interested in trying something more green than polyester if you know what I mean. Any advice?

    I have been a fan of trapunto for years, but it looks a bit difficult for me to try quite yet. Someday though! For now I will admire yours. I could look at those feathers for hours.


  3. Wendy, Your quilting is superb! And, thanks for the tip about the wool batting. I wasn’t aware that Hobbs made any, so now I will have to add that to my shopping list when I go to Quilt Festival in Houston…then, too, I was raised near Waco, Texas and still visit my sister there. Perhaps she and I should really make a point to go visit the Hobbs factory. And, thanks for your kind comment on my blog today. You have a great week too! Pat at birdnestontheground

  4. Your quilting is incredible! The detail is phenomenal.

    That’s encouraging to know about the wool batt and heavy quilting. I had a king-size quilt with a cotton batt done by a long-arm quilter and it’s more like a surfboard than a quilt!

    I’m also curious about the bamboo batts.

  5. Bamboo Batting is made by Fairfield after doing a bit of internet search. This is from their website:

    Bamboo Batting
    Bamboo has wonderful properties that make it the perfect fiber to use in batting. The thermal characteristics of bamboo actually pull moisture away from the body. It has wonderful breathability, making you warm in cooler climates and cool in warmer climates. The use of bamboo fiber also makes this an environmentally friendly product.

    Bamboo batting is soft and supple to the touch. It has a beautiful consistent drape. The thin scrim makes it perfect for machine quilting and allows a quilting distance of up to 8″. It is the most luxurious batting on the market today.

  6. Your quilting is stunning…all the more so because you are using a domestic machine! Thank you for the information about wool batting. I think I will pick some up and give it a go!

  7. Beautiful Wendy. The feather really does pop! Such a wonderful design. Enjoy your beautiful creations, I sure do :0)!

  8. Wendy, In response to the comment I sent you regarding visiting the Hobbs “Factory”in Waco next time I visit….I received an anonymous comment saying “Our factory is in China.” I so don’t appreciate anonymous comments, but am supposing that the factory IS in China and the Waco location is dedicated to some other aspect of Hobbs business. Too bad, it could have been interesting…..and leads me to this question…what isn’t in China at this point? Well, I’ll leave it to you to keep us informed about wool batting and such. Pat

  9. I just checked on Hobbs’ FAQ page regarding the question about where their products are made. With a sigh of relief, their official statement is that they are made here in the USA. I seem to remember seeing the “Proudly Crafted in the USA” on their batting packaging.

  10. Oh Wendy, how lovely….the detail, the grace of the design, it is amazing. I’ve never used a wool batt but I can see I’m going to have to. What about warmth – does it breathe? I am so cold natured that wool sounds perfect for me but my husband is the opposite. Blessings, marlene

  11. Yup, the wool is the best…I prefer the Quilters Dream Wool….but once a person tries wool, they will never go back to cottons or poly’s. The drapability on beds is the best. I loved your feathers…….but then I feather everything I get my hands on.

    Karen L

  12. Beautiful work! The feathers are stunning.

    It’s wonderful to see how well the wool batting worked out. I’ve never liked the feel of poly and have used cotton for years, but this gives me new ideas. :)

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