Decorative Details: Part 2

(Subtitle: How does a dish-aholic incorporate what she collects in her home decor?)

4. Plates

Plates in china cabinets:

Plate on the wall:

Plates on window sill:

Plates on kitchen counter:

Plates on bathroom counters:

Plates just as equally important as books in bookcase:

Plates on fireplate mantel:

Plates atop doorway:

Plates on wall sconces:

The top of the piano definitely doesn’t escape the sprinkling of plates from the dish-aholic (even if it’s just a silver bread plate!):

And… what does the crazy dishaholic lady do with the extra plates? Why, she uses them as receptacles for jar candles (of course!):

Plates, plates, plates everywhere – such is the motto of a dish-aholic’s decorating style!

p.s.  Click here if you have missed part 1.

11 thoughts on “Decorative Details: Part 2

  1. Ok to justify collecting more plates all I need is a beautiful cabinet like yours some deeper window sills and some wall sconces. Just making a list here…
    I love all your beautiful plates. That first cabinet is fantastic. Have a wonderful weekend Wendy. I hope you get some good rest…

  2. I love love your place collection, they’re all so beautiful I don’t know which one to pick….. just gorgeous…

    and by the way, come to the house in the roses and show your garden there… come see, we’re having a “Show Me Your Garden Party”!!

    Hope you can participate


  3. Your plates are lovely. I also love china and have antique pieces in my bath, bedroom and just about everywhere else except my sewing studio. You have displayed yours beautifully!

  4. Wendy, you don’t have little kids that run around your house do you? Your dishes and glassware are SO beautiful. I’d love to have pretty things like that around, but when Jake comes over, his hands are all over everything. You must have a very big house to hold all your collection. Wow!

  5. Ahhh, I love plates and blue and whites are the best!! Those are quite beautiful. I live in a house built in the 40’s and the last owner had all these hidden storage areas to house her vast plate collections. I think her ghost must still haunt the house because I am oh so tempted. But my hubby said no more sets (however he did buy me one when he was on a trip to Georgia ;-) –funny eh? perhaps the ghost is affecting him!

  6. Dishaholic, -you’re so cute! Your collection is lovely, I love the blue and white. My first dishes were a set of the Delft…thanks for sharing your treasures.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted
    *come meet us…we love new friends!

  7. Your collection is beautiful! It’s amazing that you have so many and yet, from what I can tell, it doesn’t look like overkill! We have a lot of collectibles and in my opinion, it’s TOO much, it looks like clutter to me and I hate clutter! The blue and white in the china cabinet is especially beautiful!

    Happy weekend!

  8. My goodness! You’ve got plates everywhere that you possibly could put/hang them!!! haha, does that shiny plate ever fall off the piano when you are playing the piano fortisimo? haha

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