Flower Power

While I was working to overcome the setbacks and challenges in my “challenge-within-challenge” quilt, I thought of something that had cheered me up — FLOWERS! Here are pictures of some floral arrangements I had done for my brother’s wedding reception last year.

The total height of these pedestal floral arrangements is about 36 inches! I thought they were imposingly beautiful – and that was the effect I was going after. I ended up making four of these because that was all the rental place had. They were placed at the eye-catching tables scattered at four different corners to wow the guests as they entered the reception room.

At the house:

The actual event:

These were from the wedding ceremony itself, done by another lady. I “consolidated” and “re-arranged” after we took them home from the church. Can you believe I had to break out my 24″ punch bowl to fit all these flowers?

I am still trying to hunt down pictures of the other floral arrangements. I will post them later when I do. Who can subdue the power of flower? I love working with fresh flowers for floral arrangements except I don’t like the accompanying mess. You can imagine the mess in the aftermath of making those four huge pedestal display, seven regular arrangements to fit in wine buckets, and another wide-spreading display for the head table — I was fortunate, my Dad cleaned it all up for me!!! I was super-thankful!

Have a wonderfully flowery day, everyone! Till next time!

12 thoughts on “Flower Power

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  2. Oh how stunning! I love it when they use these high pedestals so you can still see each other at the table. Those flowers are so rich and vibrant. What a great idea to use wine buckets, too. Fresh flowers are the best…
    And on a less significant note…
    Top chef starts out with about 16 contestants and there are challenges every week where ultimately one chef is eliminated a week narrowing down to the finale where 3 of the chefs remain. It’s sort of like iron chef but over a longer period of time…Lots of interesting personalities that you either grow to love or not so much… :0)

  3. These are so beautiful. You are a very talented lady. By the way, feel free to share my tea story. I love to share that story, because it shows what a loving, caring Father we serve!

  4. Wendy, simply GORGEOUS! I miss arranging flowers. My father owned a flower shop in our town when I was growing up… I used to help him all the time, and love flowers. Your arrangements are beautiful!

  5. You are such a talented and creative lady! These flower arrangements are so elegant and beautiful! You did a wonderful job! And the quilt below is coming along nicely!

    Have a wonderful day! ~Hugs, Rhonda

  6. Wow… wonderful job! Can you teach me how to make flower arrangements? :) Mines are never as pretty as that. Oh, and by the way, I wish my Thumper decides to leave my garden to go visit you in France, that will give me an excuse to visit France…. and visit YOU!



  7. Hi again Wendy! In answer to your question..YES my favorite won last night.
    Hope you are having a productive day…

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