I think I got carried away when I was designing the “Family Tree” quilt on Electric Quilt! The design on the monitor screen looked fabulous at the time I played around with inserting different blocks and fabric swatches for different visual effects! Well, things certainly often present themselves much easier on paper (monitor screen in this case)… I hadn’t anticipated the “challenge within challenge” situations that I have encountered in making this magazine quilt. Shown here is part of the design I see on my monitor screen:

1. Nine-patch within nine-patch (after the fact!):

It was really not that hard except for the fact that it was a bit tedious. The challenge came when I had to pull out “customized” tricks in getting the finished size for each individual square to be 1″. Things tend to get a bit tricky when one is dealing with something that small in size. So, I had to experiment with moving my needle positions, squaring up the pieces for every seam I sewed… time quickly added up for those 25 blocks I had to make!

2. Pinwheel-within-pinwheel:

As if step one wasn’t enough in trying one’s patience, I quickly discovered step 2 is even more challenging, especially for the smaller pinwheels. I tried changing out those pinwheel blocks with other blocks in the software, but they just didn’t look as good! Even my artistic consultant (aka husband) agreed. So, I was stuck slugging it out for them pinwheels.

You can see a snippet of the quilt top where some of the pinwheels are now incorporated in the quilt top. I have to say they look pretty good :)

I think I am ready to complete this “challenge within challenge” quilt. As soon as I am finished with this plus two other magazine quilts this month, I am ready for something easier and doesn’t require any thought – LEISURE – as shown on this Delft plate sent by a friend from Holland!

5 thoughts on “Challenge-within-challenge!

  1. Oh my goodness! You are one talented lady. I can’t even imagine getting all that together in the right way…
    You will really need to have a spa day when you’re done.

  2. Hi! The Family Tree quilt is wonderful. You’re so talented. I continue to be impressed with your beautiful creations. I miss spending my Saturdays with you and look forward to the next class. See you soon friend.

  3. It certainly looks very challenging, I wouldn’t have the foggiest clue how it can be done, but I’m speaking from a total quilting outsider point of view. I’m catching up on your posts, have been rather busy. The plate looks beautiful. You’ll probably need something therapeutic like reading after all those projects.

  4. I am absolutely in love with that quilt! I love quilts that change when you look at them. I did a tumbling stars one that looks like tumbling blocks…or ohio stars, depending.
    It is incredible.

  5. Haha, I’m sure that when you finally complete this challenge-w/in-a challenge, you will come out as a much more experienced quilter! Seeing how much time and effort you had put into this quilt really helps me to appreciate quilts in general more.

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