Decorative Details: Part 1

Happy Monday, Everyone!

I thought you might like to see my neatly folded Peacock Quilt draped over my other wing back chair.  Looks like it belongs with the chair, doesn’t it?

While we are on the subject of home decor… they said details tell a lot.  Here are some common decorative details that I have used to add some flavor to my own home-decorating:

1.  Wine buckets – I don’t use them as they are intended.  I use them as display pieces by themselves (as in the first picture) or for floral arrangments.  I especially like the first wine bucket – it is an antique Sheffield Silverplate piece that actually bears an “S” monogram:

2.  Throw Pillows – one can NEVER go wrong with throw pillows.  These are what I have in my living room, but I am thinking it’s time to do some updating:

3.  Easels – These are from Italy made of pewter.  I have not quite decided exactly what to do with them.  I used to display my Spode Italian dishes.  But I am wanting to do something different with them – still thinking! :)

That’s all for now about decorative details – stay tuned for part 2 in the coming weeks.

5 thoughts on “Decorative Details: Part 1

  1. I so love and appreciate decorative detail. It must be because God has made me so visual. I love your eye for detail…

  2. It certainly looks it belongs with the chair; they share the same type of pattern and colors…. And oh, love that tarnished wine bucket, I too would use for decoration—perfect for flowers and some greenery type of arrangement, like you’ve done.



  3. Love the quilt — it’s just beautiful! You have such wonderful accessories, especially that beautiful wine bucket. Thanks for sharing!

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