A Fruity Summer

I never am ready for the summer, but whether or not I am prepared… summer is HERE in its full force. I keep feeling like we have skipped spring over at my end, and just hopped into the sweltering summer heat!!!!

Well, a pretty and delicious Fruit Salad always helps making summer just a little bit more bearable:


2 cans of peach pie filling (you can get by with one can, but I like it better with two)

1 large can of pineapple chunks, drained, discard juice

1 medium (or large) can of mandarin orange

2 medium apples, diced

3 large bananas, sliced

2 lbs strawberries, diced for fruit salad mixture, sliced for garnish

5 or 6 kiwis, sliced

1 cup of grapes

1 bag of 8 oz miniature marshmallows


Blueberries and other berries of your choice


Mix all the ingredients together (except for the sliced kiwis and strawberries, and mandarin orange). Garnish with kiwis, strawberries, and mandarin orange. Spread sliced kiwis first around the outer perimeter of serving bowl. Repeat for sliced strawberries. Lastly arrange mandarin orange like rose petals in the center. You have an easy and tasty Fruit Salad for your summer outdoor entertaining.

I have made this for potlucks, showers, and even summer weddings – always a hit!!!

Enjoy your summery days, everyone. Of course, I would glad trade my summer days here for a cooler day, say, from the Down Under! :) Did I mention it’s been HOT over here?

13 thoughts on “A Fruity Summer

  1. Mmm! That looks yummy and cooling. It’s more like a fruit platter though, but our fruit platters usually have all fresh fruit, no canned fruit. Our fruit salad here has everything mixed in a big bowl and often served on their own or with cream, custard or ice cream. But all the fruit used are usually fresh, very unusual to have canned fruit in them.

  2. Yes, so true that different locales have different way of preparing food. I still like the sound of your fruit salad though. Perfumed Perfection is often like a mauve colour, rather than a straight pink. It seems to show different intensity in its colour in different season, although I like it all seasons. It’s a good floribunda rose which doesn’t need a lot of care and yet yields heaps of blooms. It has lovely rosy type perfume.

  3. Thought I’d better make it clearer by saying Granulated Sugar is the normal table sugar you’d use in your cup of coffee or tea, Caster Sugar (this term usually used in Commonwealth countries) is the ultra-fine sugar which is called Baker’s Sugar in the States, and our Icing Sugar is your Confectionery/ Powdered Sugar (the finest one) and it’s used for dusting cakes and making frosting and icing.

  4. Ooooh Wendy – that is the prettiest fruit salad I have ever seen! There’s a quilt pattern there in that richness and beauty of colour and shapes! Yum! And the perfect plate – I have a feeling your kitchen cupboards would have me sighing with delight!

  5. Hi Wendy – I dropped over from Ellen’s. Your fruit salad looks beautiful and delicious! I would never think to use a can of peach pie filling – but I’m going to give it a try. Thanks for the recipe.

  6. Yes, I wouldn’t have thought of using peach pie filling either, but it provides the “right” consistency in holding all the ingredients together. And the sweetness in taste is just right! :)

  7. Wow, that looks soooo yummy!!!!! And they’re all my favorite fruits!!! And it also looks so pretty! hehe, it’s probably hard to be the first one to start eating it and breaking the symmetry.

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