Christmas Everyday

For this Friday’s Show-and-Tell hosted by Kelli, I am showing you one of my most priced treasures: a pewter nativity set (commonly known as Creche in Europe) from home. Somehow, I couldn’t mentally get pass putting Christ back into the box after the first Christmas I displayed the set. So, I have just left my nativity set out all year round through all these years, albeit without the usual Christmas trimmings. Right now, it is sitting on my silver chest on the kitchen counter – that makes life quite interesting whenever I have to get an extra silver spoon or something or other from the chest. :) It’s been six years since my parents presented this very much treasured gift to me when they were here visiting:

The details are quite stunning as one stops to appreciate them:

I think my all-time favorite piece in the whole set is the camel. The craftsmen did a superb job in making the camel look so realistic. It’s kind of silly, but I really like the tassels:

Here are some pictures from past Christmas-es:

Leaving the nativity set out does a lot of good to my heart and soul. It reminds me personally that the Christmas message in reality does not end with the annual celebration. Rather, it emanates day after day, season after season, year after year, generation after generation. It also provides me a connection with my parents who live far from me. Each time I stop to look and appreciate the set, I think of them and am thankful for them.

So, in the spirit of this post, may I wish you, my bloggy friends, a Merry Christmas? :)

20 thoughts on “Christmas Everyday

  1. What a gorgeous nativity. I love Pewter. I’m on the lookout for a nice nativity. I have a tiny wooden one and then bits and pieces of others. It’s extra special since it’s from your parents. Blessings…

  2. Jesus is the reason for EVERY season! That’s beautiful! I have a Nativity that my best friend gave me (Fontinini) and I love the sentiment of having Jesus out all the time and not putting Him away when Christmas has passed! I liked the decor with the poinsetta’s around the Creche.


  3. I like that you left it out all the time. It is hard to enjoy something that means so much if it is only out once a year. I like the way you’ve displayed it at Christmas,too. My daughter has her Willow Tree set inside her glass front cabinet all year.
    Thanks for sharing. I imagine this is very valuable.
    Mama Bear

  4. A very beautiful and meaningful nativity set, I love the details and the colour of pewter. Looks good no matter where you have it. Did your hubby make the wooden stable or did you buy it? I think it makes everything look even more realistic.

  5. The stable was purchased. I think it might have been meant to go with the Fontanini sets. There were quite a few different styles at the time I bought it, but I chose the simplest and least fancy looking one.

  6. That is beautiful! And we should celebrate Jesus everyday, especially since we know Christmas Day isn’t His real birthday, just the day we celebrate.

    I still have my nativity set up, but it’s just sheer laziness that keeps me from putting it away and our other photos up. It’s not easy to get to our mantel, and I have 2 small helpers that break breakables. So maybe it’s not fully laziness…

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