A “barely” noticeable progress…

I am still working away on my “Family Tree” fabrics – I am about 1/3 done out of the 25 blocks. I didn’t think I would have time to work on other fun things, but the opportunity presented itself two nights ago after we returned from a Memorial Day bar-be-que and after our “after-dinner” guests left…. I managed to do a bit of cross-stitching before bedtime. I was glad to be able to wield my needle for even just a little bit. I will show you the before and after the “after-dinner” guests pictures:



Meanwhile, these are the books I am planning to read for the next few weeks. Reading introduces me to meet people I would never be able to meet. Reading transports me to places I know I will not be able to visit. Reading expands the horizon of my exposure. Reading is a love of my life…

“I cannot live without books.” ~ Thomas Jefferson, 1815.

7 thoughts on “A “barely” noticeable progress…

  1. I’ve got to get that Beatrix Potter one to read. I am so enjoying the fiction I’m reading with her as the heroine right now. I’ve read one biography already.

  2. Oh! I love love love reading as well, and in recent years I haven’t done a lot compared to what I used to do because of so many other “priorities”. One thing I still do is I try to read a bit before bedtime, I really enjoy it. Has Teddy Bear got books behind him? He must be one “bookworm” , I mean “informed” Teddy!

  3. Hello, Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I can’t seem to get into reading much latlely but am slowly working my way through Golden Lies by Barbara Freethy.

    Love all the blue/white & red/white you have. Very pretty!
    xo, DebraK

  4. I just made a trip to the Bentonville library yesterday! Reading is also a love of my life…I can’t remember a time when I didn’t read. I can never fully understand a person who says they hate to read.

  5. Thanks for your comment, and for the magazine that arrived yesterday. I wanted to tell you straight away but my girls are on holidays, which restricts my access to the computer, and I need to entertain them.
    I had a look at the magazine and at your work in it. I am amazed at the precision of your stitching, and patience you must show. I am sure there is a lot of practice behind. So a big thank you again. I will have a proper look later.
    In exchange would you like me to send you an english publication, it would be different from what you have.
    And I do love books as well. I have just read the 2 written by Khaled Hosseini, which are happening in Afghanistan, and was very moved by the stories.
    Today I finished Two Caravans by Marina Lewicka, a story about ukrainians coming to work in England, and a reflexion on this country though their eyes, and the way they are treated. Very interesting and moving again.

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