Eye Candies

These are my favorite home decorating books to look at:

I also love Henrietta Spencer-Churchill’s books because she always inserts very interesting historical anecdotes to the different pieces featured in her books. Did you know she is the niece of Sir Winston Churchill?

Won’t you join me for a cup of tea or coffee while we browse through these books? I have look through these books countless times, but I find something new and interesting each time I look of them again:

Have a great Monday, everyone! Till next time.

5 thoughts on “Eye Candies

  1. Great looking books and the tea cup and saucer are oh so loverly! You are a night owl girl…
    Are you three hours ahead of me?

  2. These look like a yummy read for sure. The good old Classic style decorating still makes my heart beat fast, although I’ve been more drawn to French and Scandanavian lighter and airier type decorating in recent years. I even like things that are a little less perfect, like rusty old things and shabby painted items, so long as there’s not a chip on any china. I’m more fussy when it comes to things fitting in with each other in looks, if the colours or the look don’t match, I won’t put them together or it’ll be a constant eye-sore and torment to me. It’s all about things done right, or if we put many nice things that don’t match together, they’ll still look terrible, won’t they?

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