The ripple effect of my first throw pillow

I had made this pillow as a class sample for a Bernina Stitch Regulator class I am teaching at Rogers Sewing Center:

There is only one not-so-good thing that came out of this pillow: I never got to keep and enjoy it at home as its adopted home for now is the Sewing Center. I am showing you a closeup – I hope you can see the echoes around the heart – they are quilted at roughly 1/8″ apart:

BUT… I have had many many good things happen to me because of this pillow.

1. I learned how to make a throw pillow. Can you believe I have NEVER made a throw pillow until this one?

2. I have made lots of sewing friends, and I love it when they bring their finished pillows to show me in subsequent classes. One of these wonderful ladies that I have really enjoyed getting to know is Wanda. Look at how Wanda is beaming with pride because her pillow turned out exactly like mine. You see, she claims she wants to do EVERYTHING I do — and honestly I don’t know if that’s such a wise idea because I think she is extremely talented herself :) Wanda made two of these pillows as Mother’s Day gifts for her mother and mother-in-law. I am telling you, she is one sweet lady! Oh, please ignore my bad hairdo because I had a bad hair day that day — focus on Wanda and her pillow:

3. I will have an article featuring a similar pillow project, scheduled to appear in the November 2008 issue of Bernina’s “Through the Needle” magazine! I thought that’s pretty cool!

4. I hope I would be able to continue helping and encouraging many more to enjoy their BSR and really put that nifty technology to create some very beautiful heirloom items!

Be sure to come back on Friday if you are interested in seeing more of my Lady Carlyle collection. I am overwhelmed by the compliments I have received on the Lady Carlyle teapot. Before I say anything more and spoil tomorrow’s Show-and-Tell fun, I’d better key off for now. Have a beautiful day, my blogging friends!

7 thoughts on “The ripple effect of my first throw pillow

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  2. What a gorgeous pillow!! The design is so intricate and lovely. How sweet that you can inspire others to create beautiful things like these. Blessings…

  3. That is so gorgeous! I love heart-shaped things. I don’t know if I have a steady enough hand to do anything like that–me seams rarely come out completely like they should (which is why I don’t think I’d be successful at piecing, either) but I would love to look over the tutorial in that magazine if I can find it.

  4. I am soooo honored to be featured in your blog! It has been a true blessing to be able to learn how to make something so gorgeous and special. I have enjoyed spending time in your classes for what I’m learning and to be able to get to know you better. Thanks for all your inspiration! Hugs, Wanda

  5. wow, look at that pillow! that is gorgious! I wish I could buy that magazine over here in the Netherlands , just to be able to read more about this way of creating treasures!
    My sewingmachine is still not “int the house” but will be here later this week…. I’ll let you know how the BSR is working for me!
    thank you for commenting on my blog!

    hugs from the Netherlands
    Winda aka Dutch Quilter (*ü*)

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