Piecemeal (Family Tree): Part 1

Ever since I started working with the Family Tree fabrics on my magazine quilt, I have gained a new appreciation for the word piecemeal. I am giving you a sneak preview (part 1) on the quilt. These “nine-patch within nine-patch” blocks make up the backbone of the quilt:

It’s been fun tweaking with things to get the process down, except I have to make 25 of these blocks – which translates to a total of 972 individual patches! And that’s not counting the other parts of the quilt that make the entire quilt come together. Talk about getting this quilt done piecemeal! My deadline for this quilt is in mid-June, and I am getting a bit nervous about it right about now. So, for now, there will not be any updates on my cross-stitch, or my baby daygown. There won’t be any time to romance the roses either. :( So back to work I go.

Nonetheless, I hope you have a terrific day!

You ask me what this Bunny Egg Platter has to do with piecemeal…. well, I don’t know! :) I just thought this cute bunny might brighten up your day! :) Oh wait… perhaps those individual rose petals would make a decent visual explanation for the word “piecemeal”?!

6 thoughts on “Piecemeal (Family Tree): Part 1

  1. I hope you are strip piecing this quilt!!! I know I would hate to have to do it piece a time!!!!

    Karen L

  2. Now chuck those itty bits over here and I’ll chain piece them for you! Truth be told, the nine patch within a nine patch is my least favourite block because it is so time consuming! But your blocks are looking very pretty – just keep sewing, sewing, sewing just keep sewing …

  3. Looks like you’re going to be busy. Thanks for the awards you honoured me with, I’ll attend to them as soon as I can. Was going to do it in yesterday’s post, but there were too many photos, so will do it next. Thank you for them again.

  4. Beautiful piecemeals you’ve got there. I’m in awe of the perseverance it takes to create a quilt from start to finish. Love the bunny egg plate, hmm, now I’m craving a deviled egg…

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