I’m a little teapot…

I anxiously wait for Gracious Hospitality‘s assignment each week to see if it’s something I can participate, and this week’s is on teapots!!! I think I might take a stab at this difficult assignment… :)

I am rarely a mix-and-match person; I think that methodical quirk is the engineer in me. So, the teapots I have purchased are ones that are made for the china collections I have.

If you have been visiting my blog for a while, you would have caught quite a few sightings of this Royal Albert Lady Carlyle teapot. I absolutely love the scrolls and the gold, and of course the bouquets all adeptly incorporated fit the daintily beautiful shape of the teapot. I actually purchased this teapot at a china shop in Gatwick airport during a layover while I was on an overseas trip. I had been looking for the teapot for quite a while then, and was simply delighted to find one at the airport store. Since we were traveling light, I requested the shop ship the teapot back to the States for me – which they did without any mishap! I have received many many compliments from you all on my Lady Carlyle pieces, THANK YOU! If you are interested to see more Lady Carlyle pieces and know a bit about the history, please come back this Friday when I do a Show-and-Tell post on my Lady Carlyle china:

This silver teaset (shown minus the intricate silver scroll work tea tray) is an old set made by Oneida Silversmith. It is a set I use when I am using pieces that don’t have their own matching teapots. Since silver goes with anything and everything, the setting always comes out looking nice:

You have seen these two before. The one on the left is from Taiwan. It’s a gift from a dear friend. It looks to be in a traditional Oriental shape. My father told me that he had seen similar teapots like that when he was growing up. The one on the right is well-beloved by many many many over the generations (since its production in 1814) – the Spode Blue Italian 6-cup teapot. Its regal shape mixed with the blue and white is simply breathtaking to me. I never get tired of looking at it:

I almost forgot about this one because it’s now put up and stored in the cabinet. This teapot is from the Spode Woodland Collection which I only use during the fall. I started the collection in honor of my husband whose favorite season is the fall. I stumbled across just the teapot a few years ago WITHOUT the lid and bought it for $15. I had to place a special order for the lid from Spode, and had to pay close to $50 plus shipping for just the lid! You win some, you lose some, I guess:

Seeing all the beautiful teapots others have posted, I think it’s perhaps time to spread my wings and branch out a bit and buy some teapots that are individual and unique. :) This has been a fun assignment. Thanks, LaTeaDah!

17 thoughts on “I’m a little teapot…

  1. You have beautiful teapots! I love the Lady Carlyle pattern — it’s always been one of my favorites — and if I hadn’t selected the Old Country Roses I think I would have picked Lady Carlyle (my Old Country Roses china was passed down to me from my grandFATHER- – -to my mother- – -to me. Then my husband added place settings and serving pieces for several Christmas holidays). And your blue and white Spode — lovely! And the Woodland Spode — still a super deal even with paying $50.00 for the lid! Your collection is lovely, but it’s always ‘time’ to branch out to something different, quirky, new — after all — the ‘hunt’ is nearly as fun as the ‘service’ of tea!

    Enjoy a wonderful day!

  2. All of these are beautiful. The Lady Carlyle and the Blue and white spode. The fall one is so lovely too. I love your comment that silver goes with everything. So true. :0)
    I’m so glad your meal was a success! Way to persevere with the individual bundt pan!!
    enjoy your day…

  3. These are ALL so beautiful! Love the silver pieces too! I haven’t posted my “tea post” this week! I’m so far behind! LOL! ~Hugs, Rhonda :)

  4. I think my favourite is the spode woodland – so elegant and beautiful colours – and it’s just the kind of mishap I would have with the lid! ;-) Thanks for sharing your lovely teapots – I must drop one for tea one afternoon!

  5. All of your teapots are wonderful. My favorite is the top one. It looks so regal and the colors ae awesome. I saw one like your blue one today when I was shopping for teapots and it came with a hefty price tag. Take good care of yours! I also saw plates that match your last one and they were so pretty. Great collection!

  6. Thank you ladies, for all your kind words…

    Bonita – you can bet I take GOOD care of my goodies! :) They have brought much enjoyment in my life, and will continue to do so.

  7. I like the Lady Carlyle also. I agree with you about the silver tea service. I find I use mine much more than I originally thought. Great post!

  8. The Lady Carlyle is stunning! I’ve never seen this pattern before and I absolutely love it! If it was mine I’d use it everyday! Thank you for sharing.

  9. I loved seeing your teapots. They’re all pretty but the Lady Carlyle pattern is absolutely beautiful! I’ve seen this pattern at the store and have always loved it.


  10. That little teapot from Taiwan is SO cute!!! It’s like a baby teapot! Haha, and buying that expensive lid is just another thing you do for love…hehe :)

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