Family Tree

I received sample yardages for the newly released Fabric Collection “Family Tree” by Benartex. The finished quilt made with these fabrics will appear in “The Quilter Magazine” later this year. This is quite a major undertaking for me as it involves A LOT of piecing! I will give a sneak preview in a later post. But for now, don’t you like these old-fashioned looking fabrics that just scream HEIRLOOM to all who look? In my opinion, this collection is one of the prettiest from Benartex I have ever seen! Ahhhh… don’t you just love the scroll work, the heirloom blooms, the rich colors, the timeless beauty…..

I thought I would show off these fabrics with a reproduction of Rembrandt Peale’s 1829 portrait of well-known hero in the Family Tree of America – President and General George Washington. Shown also is a reproduction of a 1792 painting depicting the west front of Mount Vernon. General Washington preferred to not designate the sides of his house as “front and back sides”. Instead the “front” side was called the “west front”, and while the “back” side was called the “east front”:

Mrs. Washington, Martha, was the perfect wife of the Colonial Virginian plantation owner. Her style of entertaining and warmth in hospitality were virtually unmatched. She was also an avid rose gardener whose rose clippings even passed on to her great-granddaughter who later became Mrs. Robert E. Lee. As I am working on this quilt, my thoughts hearken back to General and Mrs. Washington and the history of Colonial and the founding of America, and it is to the memory of these two remarkable historical figures I will dedicate this quilt.

Have a wonderful week ahead, everyone!


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4 thoughts on “Family Tree

  1. I really enjoy your little pieces of history! I must look up more about Martha Washington – she does sound extraordinary. Lucky you getting to play with samples – can’t wait to see the quilt! :-)

  2. THank you for your message, I can’t wait to receive the magazine. I love your blog, and feel that you are so lucky to reveive fabric like this. But then I suppose you have to work within a certain time for the publication of your Christmas creation.
    Congratulations on your very nice work, and I’m thinking about what you said on putting quilts on the back of chairs, nice idea.

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