The essentials of snail mail

For today’s show and tell hosted by Kelli, I thought I would show you some of my writing papers. I have written letters and cards since I was barely five, and so stationery is a big deal to me. These are some I use for everyday or normal occasions:

You can tell I am definitely a “Toile de Jouy” girl. This particular theme features President George Washington’s Mount Vernon:

I am also an “Old World” type of girl. I cannot resist showing a close-up of the “Old World” beauty:

… and of course, I am a Crane’s girl too!

My stationery wardrobe isn’t complete unless I have some monogrammed items. This particular set of letter sheets is vintage, and features the traditional Portuguese Madeira embroidery that you normally see in linen. It is a much appreciated gift from a friend:

Even with the convenience of emails, I still send letters and cards to the special people in my life. To me, there is just something in receiving a solid piece of mail that you can touch and feel via snail mail.

That’s all for today. Thank you for coming to my “Show and Tell”! I wish you a LOVELY day!

p.s. I ran out of time this week in getting ready for a Lady Carlyle post, but I am working on it…

17 thoughts on “The essentials of snail mail

  1. I started writing letters when I was in elementary school. I then became a card sender and letter writer. Never missed a family birthday etc. I have spent so much money on cards and stationary. I always joked that I should own stock in Hallmark. Your stationary is all so lovely. Love the Toile and the W!

  2. Well you’re just a regular Jane Austen aren’t you ;-) Letter writing is so lovely – I have a cousin who writes regularly to my grandparents from Canada, always on beautiful cards, and just short, loving notes. It’s so meaningful because you know the person took the time to think about you. i LOVE the George Washington stationery – where do you get it? I would love to buy some – I think it would definitely encourage me to become a more regular letter writer! A friend gave me a box of Scandinavian stationery for Christmas – I use it to write to Abby’s teacher – and she always comments to Abby on the lovely paper her mummy uses! :-) It adds a richness to the day doesn’t it!

  3. I love stationery and note cards…but I do tend to use electronic means more often these days, and so my collection grows. It’s hard to resist adding to it when I find beautiful things. And it is so exciting to get something hand written in the mail!

    A while back I commented on your bear cross stitch, and mentioned I was just getting back into cross stitch after several years. You mentioned you’d like to see what I am working on. I posted that today.

  4. I love this….if only my penmanship was like it used to be in years past, I’d like to have some of this stuff. I especially like the big blue W!!!

    My Show N Tell is all native american, and mostly jewelry. Won’t you stop by. [you’ll have to scroll down below my book review for the commenting link tho!] Happy weekend.

  5. Oh I enjoyed your Show and Tell. I love to write letters too but don’t do it much any more. I love your paper such pretty designs. Everyone I visit just inspires me so. I just stopped over from Kelli’s Show and Tell. Come by and see me and check out my project!
    Have a Blessed Weekend,

  6. Hi again. Thanks for stopping by. My couch will be pretty simple because all the cushions are removeable. I haven’t gotten the courage yet to try anything else. But I know it is possible I mean other people do it! I have been thinking about starting something small maybe something from a garage sale to practise on. I’ll keep you posted though on the current project. Hopefully I put up some pics for the Tackle it Tuesday.
    Thanks again for stopping in. Blessings, Sherry

  7. Such pretty stationary items!

    I also love beautiful stationary, and notecards. Hand written letters, and notes are fast becoming a thing of the past, but I know I always enjoy receiving one in my mailbox!

  8. What fun! We have secret prayer partners at church, so I enjoy having a nice stack of cards to use. I’m sure people really appreciate that you take the time. I’ve also learned (recently at a seminar) that when you write something to someone about something great or wonderful they did, it sticks with them. Imagine how many people’s lives you’ve touched with your handwritten notes.

  9. There’s nothing better than a handwritten letter or note. You have a wonderful “stash” of beautiful cards/stationary to touch the heart of someone special. :)

  10. That is lovely stationery. It’s something I know little about, as my mother was not a letter writer and she never taught us that. She taught us all kinds of sewing and needlework, but not correspondence skills. So it is something I have had to learn on my own and have never developed a real habit. You are blessed.

  11. Thank you for sharing these beautiful note papers with us! Letter-writing is truly a vanishing art form. I enjoyed visiting your blog today, and I especially loved peeking at your roses in the newest post! Blessings ~ Heather

  12. Oh, you collect pretty writing papers, too?! I have this drawer that’s FULL of really cute and pretty writing/letter papers!!! Haha, you are such a George Washington fan!

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