I am moving beary slowly…

I am not particularly in love with teddy bears. Don’t get me wrong, I am fond of them and think they are cute. But by comparison, my sister is the REAL teddy bear lover between the two of us. Somehow for reasons unknown, I seem to have amassed my own collection of teddy bears – the pincushions, the “work-in-progress” teddy bear cross-stitch, my “LC” bear, and…. guess what I found this morning in one of the drawers of an occasional table in the living room — a blown glass TEDDY BEAR ornament that I had forgotten to put up after Christmas! I have shown the ornament with the beary slow progress on my cross-stitch:

Here is what I had shown last week:

As you can see, I am moving beary slowly! But I guess I am at least moving… :) Now, I am going to put up the ornament in its proper box lest I should lose it for Christmas this year!

5 thoughts on “I am moving beary slowly…

  1. ha! I see it – the green of his waistcoat on the left under the pink bow and a wee bit dark around his armhole. It looks incredibly detailed Wendy – no wonder it’s slowly, slowly!

  2. Good morning, Wendy!!!

    I love your bears! Cross stitch is so time consuming, isn’t it?

    I am getting ready to set up a website. I have my domain name, but wondered how you set up your site. Where is it housed? What software are you using?

    I tried emailing you this morning, but both times I tried, my email came back to me. Trying from work, so maybe work server is having trouble.


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