Quilting news mixed in with a smidgen o’ dish-aholism!

Yesterday, I received complimentary copies of the “Quilting & Embroidery” Summer Issue presented by Quiltmaker.

You see, the quilt after which this blog is named is included in the magazine released this month!

So, I broke out my Russian Lomonosov “Guipure” Teacups and saucers and dessert plates and played tea with the quilt as a table topper. Guipure is a name applied to needlepoint and pillow laces made with gimp of fine wires whipped round with silk and cotton threads, in which the ground is made of ties or brides, rather a net. And Russia definitely has a long-standing lace-making history (since the 13th century):

I think the editorial team at Quiltmaker did a fabulous job in the layout for the article:

You would get to know a little more about me from the designer description:

A close-up shot of the center swag:

Another close-up shot with different lighting:

A few technical details – Ivory Spring was free-motion quilted with silk thread over wool batt! The tranpunto “effect” from using the wool batt is simply scrumptious! If you have never used wool batt for quilting, consider giving it a try.

Now, you didn’t think I would leave by not showing you the details of how the Guipure lace was interpreted in these Russian china pieces, did you? :)

Back to “Quilting & Embroidery”… I have thoroughly enjoyed this magazine (again, thanks to the Quiltmaker staff)! Do get a copy for yourself as a reference guide to many quilting and machine embroidery techniques. You will have loads of fun making some of the projects!

18 thoughts on “Quilting news mixed in with a smidgen o’ dish-aholism!

  1. Oh my I am totally impressed with your expertise and skill! How wonderful. Oh and the Russian China is beautiful. I only have one Russian Tea-cup and saucer. My parents families both escaped out of Russia in the early 30’s with just the clothes on their backs. They were peasants and didn’t have treasures to bring out with them anyway :)
    Is Ivory Spring your own pattern and design?

  2. Hi Ellen,

    Thanks for the kind comment! :)

    Yes, essentially everything was my own design and pattern – except for the four hearts and their accompanying feathers were machine embroidery designs that I had used from an embroidery CD.

    I had bought the Russian pieces for a more masculine flair for when my husband’s buddies come over for coffee. I try to balance out my decor so that it would not be too overwhelming for a guy to walk through my house, hahaha. :)

  3. Congratulations on the magazine feature. The detailed photos are gorgeous! The look of your Russian china reminds me a little of Polish pottery.

  4. How talented you are! Thanks for sharing that talent. The detail is just breathe taking. I will be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine – give me a goal to work towards. I just got my long arm set up last night – I am so excited about that and now to see what you have done just makes it all so worth wild. Thanks again for sharing. Keep up the beautiful work and share more with us.

  5. Wendy, I think this is the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen! Absolutely stunning! Your sense of design is amazing, and I so appreciate it when quilters take the time to do the quilting portion justice. The fine details are what make an outstanding quilt, and you have set the bar VERY high!

    Caron in Michigan

  6. I just saw your comment on my blog, and had to come pay you a visit. I love your blog, you are so talented, and published…I am green with envy, I don’t know about my fingers, does it help with gardening ?
    I can’t believe you did this piece in free machine quilting. I’ll look for the magazine, but I’m in England so not sure to find it.
    I’ll happily put your blog in my blogroll, and come back later.

  7. Thanks for the answers to my questions. I think I did a few things about my heritage on my blog. I’ll have to check and see what I’ve got and give you the direct links.

  8. CONGRADULATIONS on gettting Ivory Spring published in the magazine!!!! The quilt is just GORGEOUS!!!! I really like the puffy parts of it, haha :D You are so talented! I mean it!!

  9. i am trying to find a copy of Quilt Maker’s Summer 2008
    magazine with the monkey quilt on the front.
    I bought the designs but can’t find the magazine
    to get the pattern for the quilt.

  10. Hi,

    I was wondering if you could forward the directions to me on the monkey quilt in this issue of the magazine. My mom has bought the pattern, but can’t figure out how to put it together.


  11. Dear Wendy,
    Thank you so much for sharing your talents with all of us. I don’t know how I found your website, but I was looking for quilt motifs. Don’t know what I keyed into the Google search box, but I found you, and I am overwhelmed with the beauty of your designs. Quilting motifs in wholecloth are just the greatest work of art to me, and yours has taken me to another level. Oh, yeah…I did a search on making your own feather motifs. Jesus knew that I needed to see what you did. He has given you awesome talent. I see you teach or have taught in Rogers, Arkansas. I have friends close to there. I can’t wait to tell them about you! I cannot find a copy of the magazine that has your Ivory Spring motifs in it. Can you email me a copy of them? I can pay you for it. Please email me the particulars. Your work is stunning. And if anyone has a copy of that magazine, please email me. Annette.

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