The tea strainer that shines with TLC

The reason I didn’t show you this other tea strainer I have in last Thursday’s post is because this other tea strainer had needed a bit of TLC, and I hadn’t had the time then to give it the TLC it deserved. I did have some time this week to give it a real shine! So, here it is… after being polished with silver polish:

The strainer is from Reed & Barton’s Francis I collection. I normally display the tea strainer with my Spode Sheffield pieces:

I am showing a close-up picture of the strainer. Notice the clusters of fruits. I am fascinated by the art of silversmith-ing, aren’t you? I am also fascinated by a lot of other things as you will see later (like how castles were built in the Middle Ages). For now, let’s admire the close-up:

I am showing this ensemble again with books I am currently reading. I wonder if you could tell what kind of person I am from the books I read?

12 thoughts on “The tea strainer that shines with TLC

  1. Beautiful treasure. Most of my collections and treasures are in my home in Seattle. My little condo in California does not have a lot of space for my goodies. I’ll have to check and see if I have a strainer when I head to Seattle the last weekend in May. That is also where my table goodies, dishes, tablecloths, glasses, etc. are. It’s kind of like having a big storage unit miles and miles away :)
    It looks like you enjoy books about history from over 100 years ago…
    Oh and I didn’t miss those lovely dishes with the gold trim….

  2. Lovely strainer! I just stopped in from the tea blog-a-thon and just barely had time to skim your blob, but I WILL be back! It looks awesome!

  3. Ellen – you are very perceptive. Yes, I love history. It is really strange, because my major in college was as far from history and classical art as possible…

  4. Oh, it is LOVE at first sight!!!! This is absolutely stunning! I started collecting Gorham sterling flatware about a year ago and now it is out of sight…I’ll have to table that collection until the price of silver drops….hopefully it will! LOL! I don’t even enough pieces of a complete setting for my immediate family! LOL! ~Rhonda :)

  5. That is pretty. You have encouraged me to try to photograph our little collection of tea things. We use bags atm but it is nice to think about our vintage tea things sometimes.

  6. Ivory Spring, I posted a few of my smocked dresses last night! I had a great time going through them and remembering the occasions! Glad you suggested that…now I’ve got to come up with something for next week’s Show and Tell…got any other ideas??? LOL!

    Have a wonderful weekend! :) ~Rhonda

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