Pampered Puppies!

I decided to participate in the “Show and Tell” hosted by Kelli at There is No Place like Home.

I am showing you a figurine that I have in my guest bathroom. It is a pretty figurine. Since no one usually sees it except me (when I am sprucing things up in that bathroom for overnight guests) and our overnight guests, I am more than eager to show you this little girl and how she pampers her puppies. It is a Dolfi “Lisi Martin” Figurine entitling “Pampered Puppies”. I love the way the little girl is cleaning the puppy’s ear:

This piece is quite a large piece, about 8″ tall. The painted-wood-look reminds me of the old-style large Hummel figurines:

Before I let someone else take the stage for their show-and-tell, I simply have to show you a close-up of these pampered puppies:

That’s the end of my show-and-tell. I hope you have yourself a pampered weekend! I will be back on Monday!

13 thoughts on “Pampered Puppies!

  1. It is just darling. I’m glad you decided to post it today.
    The little girl is so into the task before her. She reminds me of our 4 yr. old granddaughter.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, isn’t she so sweet, washing her little puppies! …Beautiful figurine! So glad you shared her!

    I used to smock for my daughter when she was younger! She is 14 now and I miss those days! I saved all of them and just cry when we pull them out of her trunk! So many sweet memories! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! ~Rhonda

  3. That is a great suggestion…to post some of my daughter’s smocked dresses! The hard part will be to chose which ones! :) Glad you thought of that! I will post them next week for Show & Tell…so check back with me! I’m one of those who likes to “think outside the box”, so I can’t wait to share them! Some are pretty unique! LOL! ~Rhonda

  4. Thank you so much for the compliments you have lavished on the little girl. I am glad she is being recognized, and not just stuck in a guest bathroom in a house somewhere in this wide, wide, world! :) I’ve always thought she ought to get out more often and see the world, hahaha.

  5. Oh, I LOVE the figurine. What a cute thing to have in your bathroom. I would think it makes you smile everytime you look at it.

    You took some great close-up shots of it.

  6. I have loved your show and tell, especially the BEARS Yes the BEARS Only I had mine given to me in England where I was born, yes poor bear is now 65+ years old, I have him with me full time. Sadly though he has lost an ear, he is made of a material (can’t remember the name) his arms and legs move and he has his original eyes and love him as always. I was told my GREAT GREAT Grandparents gave him to me when I was born, along with a book of a wee girl in a play yard with many of her friends playing around, The young girl is called “Little Nigger Girl” on the front of the book is my GREAT GREAT Grandparents signatures. YES I still have the book and LOVE it, shows what we all miss today playing and having fun in he play ground, laughing and having fun. There are none made as this anymore and down under they have one BUT with out the pictures I have in mine. Again I enjoyed you story telling and look forward to more. YES I deeply miss England and look forward to going back and soon I hope,,take care and thank you for the stories and memories,,HUGS and Cheers Jeanne

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