Song of Williamsburg

The wholecloth-style quilting is one of my favorite kinds of quilting because one could really showcase some dense and beautiful feather quilting motifs.

Now that it’s completed, I am pleased to show you “Song of Williamsburg”. Was this like anything you had imagined when you read Border Smart a few days ago? The quilting motif in the center cotton sateen block is original and was inspired by an 18th century bird bottle found in Colonial America.

The entire quilt is quilted with silk thread. You can see from the closeup shot that I had added some French knots for added interest to the piece.

I wish you a beautiful and blessed day, brightened by bird-ly songs!

p.s. The pattern of the quilting motif will be available for purchase some time next week.

6 thoughts on “Song of Williamsburg

  1. Hi, welcome to Blogland. What a pleasant surprise! Have been thinking of e-mailing you to ask you how your Spring gardening plans are coming along. I have also thought you should blog and show your quilts, but thought maybe you wouldn’t be into it. But I was wrong, wasn’t I? Lovely to see you here.

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