To Market and BACK!

Hello Friends! I hope you are well. I have quite the traveling adventure this time around — a constantly screaming child on the plane for three hours, a guy at the waiting lounge moaning about forgetting his comb on his trip (I was forced to listen in on his side of the conversation because he was talking so loudly!), delayed flights etc! I enjoy watching people at airports, so I didn’t quite mind the aforementioned hiccups in air travel!


The acclaimed red and white quilt exhibit is at Market this year – an overwhelmingly amazing collection.


And there were hundreds upon hundreds of quilts in addition displayed in the special exhibit hall.  Many of them are documented in this book, 500 Traditional Quilts by Karey Bresenhan. Photography was not allowed – so, I just bought the book.  You may purchase the book here.


Following are just some of the pictures I managed to snap here and there about 40 minutes before I headed out to come home.  I hope the pictures, which by no means exhaustive, will give you a glimpse of the workmanship, displays, colors, and just the general hustle and bustle on the floor.












More about this cute fox later!









And at Landauer’s Publishing‘s booth…. there is a little section set aside for Recreating Antique Quilts!


Dear friend Annelle emailed me about seeing pictures from my Schoolhouse session on Recreating Antique Quilts here on Fat Quarter Shop’s instagram page.  The Fat Quarter Shop team has posted an unbelievable collection of Market photos!  Check out their Instagram page for more photos!!

Click here to enter the giveaway of a copy of Recreating Antique Quilts if you haven’t already!


I skipped out a bit early on Market, but I was there and back!  I am exhausted, and I still have to unpack, sort through business cards and catalogs, catch up with laundry and meal plans, and get back to my “real” life!!

If you asked me what my favorite part of Market was — Besides meeting and making new friends, it was being able to meet the wonderful people in the industry with whom I work FACE TO FACE!  The personal contact solidifies the friendships for even more adventures!  With that, I shall sign off for the day!  Have a great week.

Recreating Antique Quilts in Spring Market 2014

00 RAQCover

Hello Friends, this is a picture of how the projects in Recreating Antique Quilts were displayed at Spring Market in Pittsburgh earlier this year.


You have read about Calico Trail and Ivory Baltimore here, and even though I have yet to share in detailed the quilt, Oh, Happy Stars!, on the top left, you know it’s the cover quilt. The top right quilt, Floral Fancy, is my contemporary interpretation of a green/red album applique block.  I will share more Oh, Happy Stars! and Floral Fancy later.  


I need to get going, Dear Friends, and get to Houston, and see how Landauer is going to do their booth this time around.  I hope to have some Market pictures to show you post-Market!  Take care, Dear Friends!!!


My official appearances at Market this year are as follow.  If you are going to Fall Market, would you drop by and say hi?  If you aren’t going, would you have your LQS rep stop by for you instead?  I would love to meet all of you!

Oct 24, 11:50am, Room 382A – Schoolhouse session on further thoughts on Recreating Antique Quilts

Oct 25, 2pm, Booth 2305 – Meet & greet and book signing session hosted by Landauer

More on Recreating Antique Quilts & Giveaway


00 RAQCover

It is official!  Recreating Antique Quilts are now shipping.  I have already gotten word that the books have arrived at their destinations from some of you! Thank you for letting me know.


I thought I would share with you a picture showing three of the featured projects in Recreating Antique Quilts.

Blog -ThreeQuilts

The quilt on the left, Calico Trail, is my husband’s favorite of all my book projects. It is actually a very easy quilt to construct.  Click here to go to Landauer Publishing’s blog to read more about the “behind the project” thoughts on Calico Trail, and a couple of other projects.


Don’t forget to leave a comment there to be entered in the giveaway of a free copy of Recreating Antique Quilts!  I am turning off comments here so that you can leave your comments at Quilt Books and Beyond!  Also, be sure to note my Fall Market appearance if you (or someone you know) plan on being at Fall Market this year.

Information on signed copies will be forthcoming.  Meanwhile, you may order your own copy of the book here.

If you have missed previous features and want to catch up, click here, and here.


Over time, I will share more about each project.  But it is the aim of Recreating Antique Quilts to meet the needs of quilters in an individual and group setting through treasures of the past.  And I hope you will have the time of your life attempting/making the projects in this book.

low rew_Happy Stars Styled

Thank you again for stopping by!  I shall catch up with you soon.

Come meet little ol’ me at Landauer’s blog!

The sweet Landauer ladies love and treat their authors well!  I have had a very fun adventure working with these ladies on my book Recreating Antique Quilts.

00 RAQCover

Recreating Antique Quilts will become official really soon (in a matter of days/weeks).  I shared with you before pictures of the cover quilt, Oh, Happy Stars!,  when I first announced the news about Recreating Antique Quilts.

low rew_Happy Stars Styled


[image source: Landauer Publishing]

Today, I am excited to show you Ivory Baltimore, another project featured in Recreating Antique Quilts.


[image source: Landauer Publishing]

You may pre-order Recreating Antique Quilts here.  Meanwhile, do head on to read Landauer’s latest Meet the Author blog post here.  They did a feature on little ol’ me!

I am turning off the comments here on this post, and would really appreciate it if you leave comments on Landauer’s blog instead of over here.  Would you also share about the post with your friends?  Again, I owe you one, Dear Friends, for getting the word out on Recreating Antique Quilts.

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you have a lovely weekend.  It is going to be a working weekend for me – here’s to getting lots done!  Hugs to you all.

Giveaway: Learn to Machine Quilt

A couple of days ago, I received a sweet, sweet comment.  Thank you, Ann-Marie, for making my day.

blog comment

I am happy to announce another giveaway today — a free copy of my online Learn to Machine Quilt class, produced by Annie’s.

Learn to Machine Quilt

Click here to read more about the class.  Shown in the following are the topics covered in the class.  This class is designed to help beginning machine quilters to get used to moving their quilt sandwiches.  It remains my firm belief that being able to maneuver one’s quilt sandwich is the key to enjoyable quilting on a domestic machine.

learn to machine quilt 5

Here are a few images of the class sample.

Learn to Quilt 2

learn to quilt6

Lean to Machine Quilt4

And here you see pictures of the class samples made by quilters who took the class.  Here is one by Joyce:


And here is one by Jean:



To be entered in the giveaway, please leave a comment below between now and August 6th, 2014 – and tell me one challenge you face when quilting your own quilts on your domestic machine.  Winner will be announced in August 7th, 2014.  Good luck! :)


Thanks for stopping by.  I am still working on Iron Man II (or Insanity, as Mary calls it).  But I am almost done piecing the top, woo hoo!


Sew in Love {with Fabric} Blog Hop: Christmas in July

Hello Friends – I know you all are getting antsy Christmas is right around the corner, right?  According to the bookseller that comes to the church we attend, there were 150 shopping days till Christmas as of last Sunday!   Maybe that little fact would induce us to get ready for Christmas?   Well, I said all that to share with you today a fun little project I did for a Christmas in July blog hop at Benartex’s Sew in Love {with Fabric} blog!

july 2014 hop logo

Look at these adorable fabrics I got to play with.  They are from Benartex’s Holiday Magic collection.  Click here to view the entire fabric range.


But these fabrics aren’t it - they are just the supporting actors.  The star of the show are these patch prints from the same collection.  I have liked a lot of the patch prints that have come out.  But I realize sometimes they are hard to feature in a quilt design.  So, I have generally used patch prints as quilt backing fabrics.



But not for my blog hop project today — I made the patch prints my feature fabrics!! Here is a peek of my Christmas blog hop project, in hen-and-chicks style, sort of.


Head on over to Sew in Love {with Fabric} for further details!  Once there, don’t forget to enter the giveaway for Holiday Magic fabrics.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a fanta-bulous weekend, Dear Friends!

p.s.  Please don’t tell me you have started shopping/making gifts for Christmas this year…. okay, you may tell me anyway!!  :)


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Hello Friends!  I hope you have had a great week so far!  Let’s see, Miss Baby and I have done the usuals this week.  We also squeezed in our schedule to see a Reptile Show at our local library, where I learned more about certain crawly creepies than I wanted to know.  Miss Baby was brave enough to pet this large albino snake (gross!).


I am really thrilled about another Australian feature in the midst of all the craziness.  Since I am currently working on things I can’t show you just yet, I am happy to show you something I had worked on months ago. Meet Stars Aligned, my new design featured in the No.68 Australian Quilters Companion issue! You will be able to purchase the magazine on newsstands if you aren’t a subscriber and live in Australia.  If not, you are able to easily purchase the digital version here.


[image source: Australian Quilters Companion]

See my name and quilt on the table of contents page?!  I am very excited.  You will also see my friend Lynette Anderson has a project featured in the same issue too!  Yay to Lynette. :)

table contents

[image source:  Australian Quilters Companion]

I do like the layers of stars in Stars Aligned.  Are you able to spot the starry layers?

Design 1h_67.5 x 79.5

Stars Aligned is made with fabrics from Lynette Anderson‘s Starry Night and Bread & Butter, released by RJR Fabrics.  Fabrics are now in stores.


Since the actual sample, made by Jill – a wonderful sample maker, is in Australia, Lynette graciously sent me these pictures from the Down Under.

Star Aligned pic3
stars aligned3

If you wish to purchase the quilt kits, Lynette has them for sale here.


Lynette also has the kits for Santa’s Sleigh (download pattern instructions here) for pre-order here, our joint design using the same Starry Night fabrics.


Thank you so much for stopping by to read about snake and stars.   I am not nearly as excited about my slightly increased knowledge of snakes as I am about my continuing starry quilting journey!

God bless you all!


Click here to view the exhaustive list of my featured designs and projects.

My 2014 lineup to date —

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June: Monster Mash by Quilting Treasures

June: Santa’s Sleigh using Starry Night by RJR Fabrics

June: Learning is Fun by Quilting Treasures

Came in the mail…

Hello Friends, this is a super quick post as it’s Tuesday when I work at my other “day” job (Mom/chauffeur for extra-curricular activities).  Look what came in the mail – the fabrics for my Plain & Fancy BOM quilt!  Some shops are doing it as a BOM program, while some are selling the complete kits.  I got the kit, but will be showing you my progress on a month-by-month basis.


The quilt sample that was shown at Quilt Market last Fall is now being shown at Quilt Events in Europe.  I wish there was a way I could tag along…


Interested to be my Plain & Fancy stitching buddy?  Click here to see if your local quilt shop is participating.  If not, many shops are taking online orders for mail-order as well.  I still haven’t decided whether to do the pieced or applique version for the sashing blocks.  What do you think?

BOM_Alternate_High Res

BOM_Applique_High Res

Alrightie, Dear Friends!  I have to take off for now.  You have a lovely day, okay?

FREE PATTERN: Verde Runner/Banner

Hello Friends,  I hope you are doing well.   I want to thank you for your kind words on my Verde Quilt design.  It’s always nice for me to receive feedback, positive as well as negative.  Seriously, you can tell me when you don’t like something I share! :0)  I won’t be mad at you.  Click here to download the free pattern instructions for Verde Quilt.

High Res_Verde Quilt

I am happy to share with you today another free to use design — a smaller banner or runner project that uses the same Verde fabrics.

Verde Runner_high res_22 x 50

This runner/banner can be displayed horizontally or vertically.  I kind of like it as a vertical banner a little better!  Green and soft taupe — a  fresh looking palette, eh?

Click here to view all the fabric swatches in Quilting Treasures’ Verde fabric collection.

Click here to download the runner/banner pattern instructions.

I hope you enjoyed your visit here today…. the snow/ice is clearly melting at my end!  My little family is happy about the slightly warmer weather.  Miss Baby never fails to ask if spring is here yet whenever we leave for school in the morning…

Later, Dear Friends!  You all take care.


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February: Verde (Banner/Runner) by Quilting Treasures

Visions of Azure: Sneak Peek / Thread Talk from My Sewing Machine #55


Happy Monday, Friends!  I hope your week got off a great start.  I look forward to visiting your blogs to see what you have going on this week.  I was able to finish off a quilt to send off before the weekend… here is a sneak peek of Visions of Azure:


Oftentimes, my planned quilting scheme doesn’t work out when the actual quilting starts… and such was the case with Visions of Azure.  I had planned to quilt formal feathers.  But in the end, I decided that I needed an airy feel for the spinner blocks, and the feathers would end up making the overall look too stuffy.   The new quilting scheme turned out to be a fun way to quilt spinner blocks,  and I share with you the schematic in the following.

Starting from the spinner center, I quilt a curve to about the mid-way of the long side of a parallelogram, and then round off with a tip at the top of the parallelogram, before curving back down to about the mid-way of the long side of the parallelogram – at the other side, before curving back down to the spinner center.  I then echo once.


Then, it’s a matter of filling in with fillers like tendrils, swirls etc.


See what I mean about the airy feel when quilting my spinner blocks this way?

I look forward to be able to show you the quilt in its entirety.  Stay tuned for details.  Hugs to you all, and have a very lovely week.

Starry Dance in Annie’s FAT QUARTER SHUFFLE


Happy Monday, Friends!  I hope you are well.  I had shown you my Persian Rug runner (click here to view more pictures) that is featured in Annie’s Fat Quarter Shuffle book.


I actually have another quilt featured in the same book.  Come meet Starry Dance!

2199837463_04A_Starry[image source: Annie’s]

Starry Dance features sawtooth star blocks, constructed using exactly 6 fat quarters, with the help of a blending fabric (in this case, gray!).  The fabrics are all Riley Blake fabrics.


From the quilt layout schematic, you will notice the palette I used for the quilt is a versatile one – the fabrics are easily substituted with fabrics of your choice.

Starry Dance

Here are a couple more shots of the quilt:




And here is a block done with my favorite fabrics from the fat quarter stash:


Due to the open layout of the quilt design, I decided to experiment with straight line quilting, with the lines criss-crossing randomly.  While a traditionalist at heart, I am nonetheless happy to dabble a little in the “modern” quilting style.  So, Starry Dance seems the perfect quilt for me to do a little experimenting with the basics before I attempt to add my own flavor to the modern quilting motif later on.IMG_4075

I do enjoy the uneven texture of the randomly criss-crossing straight lines.  The uneven texture reminds me of the fun spontaneity that peppers my stuffy, clock-work organized life from time to time.



Quilting was done using Aurifil‘s Mako 50 Cotton thread, over Hobbs Tuscany silk batting!  If you are new at my blog, check out what I have written about the thread and batting here, and here.


I was told there are 37 shopping days till Christmas.  How are you holiday plans shaping up?  Are you doing anything this week that is Thanksgiving/Christmas related?

I hope you enjoyed my Starry Dance.  As always, I appreciate your visit.  Have a lovely week ahead, dear Friends!  Blessings to you all!


Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The LORD is his name:” (Amos 5:8)


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Repetitions : Sneak Peek

Hello Friends, I am happy to share with you my “blueberry pie filling” quilting motif.  Don’t the quilted pebbles look like blueberries nestling oh-so-snug in a pie crust?  This motif illustrates another application of “pebbles”.

Click here to read about how I quilt pebbles/circles.

Click here to view the quilts on which I have quilted pebbles.

Click here for my “Learn to Machine Quilt” class (online or DVD) that covers how I quilt pebbles.


I quilted “blueberry pie filling” on a recently completed quilt, Repetitions.  It should already be at the editor’s by the time this post goes live.  Here are a couple more sneaky peeks for you.   Can you see the very light gray threads I used for quilting the quilt?



The quilt uses fabrics from an upcoming Lynette Anderson‘s fabric line Quilters Garden.  It is Lynette’s debut line with RJR Fabrics.  I have MUCH more to share about Quilters Garden.

6a00d83455610269e2019affed3f6f970c-400wi[image source: Lynette Anderson]

Be sure to check back early next week for details!  Thanks for stopping by.  God’s blessings on you all!