Hello Friends, Happy Monday to you all!  I hope you are doing well.  I am still trying to get over my cold.   I am definitely getting better though… so, at least I have that going for me.  I did finish my Ivory Baltimore.


It’s been a while since I did this type of tone-on-tone dense quilting.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy this type of quilting where the echoing is 1/8″ or less apart.  So, it was an absolute joy to quilt Ivory Baltimore.  The last time I did this type of quilting was a looong time ago when I quilted my Harrison’s Urn quilt block.  You can read more about the project here.  I am hoping to release the quilting pattern for sale in the near future if there’s enough interest.

Anyway, I am finishing up another quilt this week… and after that, I will be able to breathe just a little bit more easily.  Here’s to health and productivity! :)

I would love to know what you are working on this week…

Hello Friends, this will be a rather quick post today.  I have another free to use pattern to share with you.  The blocks are easy to construct, and this throw sized quilt is easy to complete for an easy peasy and quick project.

High Res Image_60.5 x 69.5

This quilt uses fabrics from Benartex’s newly released fabric line Sew Rousseau — it features beautiful foliage and animal prints.  Though my design uses the Safari animals, the fabric line actually also features bright and cheery tropical fabrics with flamingos!

Click here to view the entire fabric range.

Click here to download the pattern instructions in pdf format.

Thanks for stopping by.  Curious mind would love to hear your thoughts on the fabrics and the quilt design!

Alrightie – I shall catch up with you later.


My 2014 free to use designs:

[My free to use designs from previous years are listed under "FREE PATTERNS" on the side bar.]

January: Midori’s Place using Gramercy by Benartex

January: View on Lexington using Gramercy by Benartex

January: Everything’s Coming Up Rosey using English Rosey by Benartex

February: Verde (Quilt) by Quilting Treasures

February: Verde (Banner/Runner) by Quilting Treasures

March: Hot Topic by Quilting Treasures

March: Poseidon’s Adventure using Neptune’s Dream by Benartex

March: My Cozy Sweater using Palm Springs by Benartex

March: Wild Kingdom using Sew Rousseau by Benartex


Hello Friends,  thanks so much for your get well wishes.  I am not feeling any better today, but I am hanging in there (by a thread, pun intended, ha!) Nonetheless, I am most excited to share with you my “joint venture” feature with Lynette Anderson in the latest issue of Popular Patchwork (April 2014), a UK publication!  A special thank you to Kay Harmon for constructing the quilt top so that I could jump right into quilting it.

Design 2f_48 x 67

Mending Fences

Lynette added the applique portion to my pieced design, and made the quilt into a really fun one!



Here are more shots of the quilt:




Mending Fences uses fabrics from Lynette Anderson’s Mending Fences fabrics.


[image source: Lynette Anderson Designs]

You may recall I already have two other featured quilts, both named Farm Crossing, made using fabrics from the same collection.  Click here, and here to view additional quilt photos, and for information on the magazines in which the quilts are featured.



Now back to UK Popular Patchwork’s Mending Fences quilt… this quilt afforded me many opportunities to do some fun quilting.  The following pictures will show you what I mean.  Quilting is done using Aurifil Mako 50 cotton threads over Hobbs Tuscany Silk batting.  The quilting is done totally unmarked and free-handed.














See what I mean about the quilting being “fun”?  Can you tell I thoroughly enjoyed the quilting the quilt?

There are many things I like about this quilt, but I think what I love best is the feel of coziness that permeates throughout.

Now, I am not sure where one could buy Popular Patchwork issues in the States. If you do, please let me know!

Thanks for stopping by.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this quilt.  Hugs to you all.

p.s.  I am still waiting for favorable weather conditions to take pictures of my other currently featured quilts.  Stay tuned for details.


My 2014 lineup to date:

Annie’s Row Quilt Book (March 2014): Stardom

Fons & Porter’s Easy Quilts (Summer 2014): Teething Rings

Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting (January/February 2014): Hurry Home

McCall’s Quilting (January/February 2014): Spiral Squared

Popular Patchwork, UK (April 2014): Mending Fences

Quilt Trends (Winter 2014): Enchanted Forest

Quilt Trends (Winter 2014): Urban Stars

Quilter’s World (Spring 2014): Urban Oasis

Quilter’s World (Summer 2014): Starry Repetitions

The Quilter (December 2013/January 2014): Farm Crossing

The Quilter (December 2013/January 2014): Boxing Day

The Quilter (April/May 2014): All Squared Up

The Quilter (April/May 2014): Tulip Trail

January: Midori’s Place using Gramercy by Benartex

January: View on Lexington using Gramercy by Benartex

January: Everything’s Coming Up Rosey using English Rosey by Benartex

February: Verde (Quilt) by Quilting Treasures

February: Verde (Banner/Runner) by Quilting Treasures

March: Hot Topic by Quilting Treasures

March: Poseidon’s Adventure using Neptune’s Dream by Benartex

March: My Cozy Sweater using Palm Springs by Benartex

Dear Friends, welcome back to Ivory Spring, and I wish you a beautiful week ahead!  Please allow me to take this opportunity to welcome the new followers of Ivory Spring.  For my new friends, I hope you will find this blog a fun place to visit in the days to come…

safe to share

Meanwhile, I finished up my “World of Small Star” quilt, and have named it Oh, Happy Stars!  Some of you have commented about the “small-ness” of my sawtooth star.  You simply have to check out my friend’s Cathi’s work – Cathi specializes in small, and the even more impressive part is she hand-pieces her small blocks.



#3.  Also, Laura, a quilter/blogger has a sit down longarm machine she is trying to sell.  Click here for more information on how you can contact her directly.

That is a wrap, my friends!  I am actually nursing a really really bad cold.  Grrrr…. talk about bad timing.  Miss Baby was sick last week, and I really didn’t think I would be beaten by the bug like I have…. So, if you would like bring by a meal, let me know and I will pencil you in on the sign-up list!  JUST KIDDING.  But I am going to lay down for a bit… I shall catch up with you later!

With permissions from McCall’s Quilting and the quiltmaker, I am very excited to share with you a blue version of my Spiral Squared quilt, made by Dolly in India.  It is a gorgeous quilt, don’t you agree?  Needless to say, I am beyond thrilled to have Dolly use one of my designs for her recently completed quilt.  For that matter, I am always over the moon when a quilter uses one of my designs.

readers spiral squared

The following is my original yellow/gray version.  Click here for information on pattern instructions.


If you have made this quilt in other colors, please please send me a picture of your quilt.  I should dearly like to see it!

Thanks for stopping by.   I shall catch up with you later.

p.s.  You may click here to see other readers’ projects.


Some of you are probably like me… I love the look of contrast quilting, but sometimes, I am a little hesitant to use really contrasting colors on my quilting because contrasting quilting means easily spotted mistakes!  I have in the past done some contrast quilting, as shown in the following from Out of the Nest:


More often than not, my preferred color scheme is tone-on-tone quilting, as in Coxcombs and Berries.

Coxcomb Berries9

BUT…. I have been experimenting with “subtle” contrast quilting in the last 6-9 months or so, and I am REALLY liking the look!  The resulting look is such at the quilting is emphasized without being overpowering and taking over the overall look of a quilt.

Here you see a beige on white color scheme in Rising Stars:


And more recently in a couple of “yet to be official” quilts — variegated gray on beige, and light brown on beige.



My favorite Aurifil thread color remains 2310 – I wouldn’t know what I would do without my 2310 spools!  But if you are wanting to try out how you like “subtle” contrasting quilting, may I suggest the following colors from Aurifil — 2843, , 2324, 5011, 2600, 4060, 2770, 2000, seen below on beige solid fabric.


I know we are already into April in this year.  But perhaps it isn’t too late for you to try out some subtle contrast quilting?

I am eager for your feedback, and know I will love reading your comments on this post!

Thanks for stopping by.  It’s back to work I go.  Hugs to you all.

Hello Friends, I hope you have gotten a good start to another new week.  My weekend went totally not-as-planned, and now I am having to play catch up.  All that to say, I am well, alive and kicking.  I thought I would share with you before we go too late into April a couple of free-to-use patterns that were released in March.  First up, My Cozy Sweater, designed using Benartex‘s newly released collection, Palm Springs.  The Palm Springs fabrics are loud, happy, cheerful and cool.

High Res_4a

I like the name Benartex gave the design.  My Cozy Sweater is just that.  The happening design reminds me of the sweaters some of my Engineering professors used to wear in the 90′s.  :)

Do stay tuned for when I can share with you more pictures of my Tulip Trail quilt, recently featured in The Quilter Magazine(April/May 2014), that also uses fabrics from Palm Springs.


Click here to view the entire fabric range.

Click here to download the pattern instructions in pdf format.

While we are still on the subject of Benartex fabrics, I am happy to share with you my Movement in Squares and It’s Electrifying! designs made final four in Benartex’s March Madness games. :)  You have till tomorrow to vote between Movement in Squares and It’s Electrifying to usher either of the two to the final round.  Click here to vote.  I also shared more “behind the scenes” details on the designs in the same post if you are curious.



Thanks for stopping by.  I am not sure how much I will get to update my blog this week.  But please know that I do miss visiting with you all while I am working hard to push through a few things in the final stage of my “final stage” of things.  Hugs to you all.  And do tell me what’s on your plate this week…


My 2014 free to use designs:

[My free to use designs from previous years are listed under "FREE PATTERNS" on the side bar.]

January: Midori’s Place using Gramercy by Benartex

January: View on Lexington using Gramercy by Benartex

January: Everything’s Coming Up Rosey using English Rosey by Benartex

February: Verde (Quilt) by Quilting Treasures

February: Verde (Banner/Runner) by Quilting Treasures

March: Hot Topic by Quilting Treasures

March: Poseidon’s Adventure using Neptune’s Dream by Benartex

March: My Cozy Sweater using Palm Springs by Benartex

Current Quilts…

Hello Friends!  Are you enjoying your spring, har har? :o)  It was 25 degrees when I took Miss Baby to school this morning.  I said all that to say this: I have this pile of featured quilts that have been waiting (and waiting) to be photographed, just as soon as the weather gets a bit warmer.  We have plans for a brief outing this weekend, but it’s supposed to thunderstorm etc.  So, we shall see…

Meanwhile, I want to give you a quick run down what quilts of mine are currently in print.  Many of you have written to ask to be alerted whenever my quilt(s) are featured in print so that you can purchase the magazine issues while they are still available on newsstands.  I have in the past posted about my featured quilts as soon as they became official, but I just haven’t been able to do that this winter, and I don’t want you to miss out on the newsstand issues should you be interested in any of them.

1.  Urban Oasis (Quilter’s World, Spring 2014)


2427439005_13A_Urban[photo credit: Quilter's World]

2.  Stardom (Annie’s Row Quilts, click here to purchase book)


2199840311_01A_Stardom_new[photo credit: Annie's]

3.  Tulip Trail (The Quilter, April/May 2014; click here to purchase quilt kit)


MK10209lg[photo credit: The Quilter]

4.  All Squared Up (The Quilter, April/May 2014; click here to inquire about purchasing quilt kit)


1960117_732535136791893_1683587024_n[photo credit: The Quilter]

5.  Teething Rings (Fons & Porter’s Easy Quilts, Summer 2014; click here to purchase quilt kit)


LQK1418[photo credit: Fons & Porter]

6.  Mending Fences (UK Popular Patchwork, April 2014)


Mending Fences

I will be posting about these quilts individually as soon as I am able to squeeze in photo shoot sessions for them.

Meanwhile, curious mind is curious if any of these quilts caught your eye…


Meanwhile, are you still playing Benartex’s March Madness game here?  I am happy that 3 of my quilts made the “Elite Eight Round“.  I have been walking around feeling like an elite, NOT!  Ha!  Trust me, my life as a quilt designer is no where near glamorous.  I am as normal as one comes, just doing my best to honor my Savior, and take care of my little family, and still dabble a bit in the working world.


Thanks for stopping by, Dear Friends.  I always enjoy your visits and comments.  And a BIG thank you to those of you “night owl” ladies that emailed/commented last night while I was working!!!  It was really nice being kept awake by your emails/comments. :)  Hugs to you all.

Hello Friends, I feel like I have been living in the world of smalls… the following photo shows what I mean by that. :)


If you are like me — you hate throwing away scraps that are 2″ and under, but so often don’t know what to do with them — I am hoping my World of Small Stars would be a delight to you.  You know I do not like piecing, but I have to say I really enjoyed making those small stars that make me just go “awww”!   Do stay tuned for details.

So, curious mind wants to know if you are a saver of tiny scraps, or do you just scrap them? [Oh... don't you just love the English language with the play on words?!  I have always adored the English language, even as a non-native speaker!]

Thanks for stopping by.  Come back tomorrow when I share with you a run-down on my currently featured quilts…. HUGS to you all.


Hello Friends, I hope you are well.  I am happy to share a little more about my “Roundabout Feathers”, as dear friend Joyce calls them.  Joyce gave me her permission to coin the name “Roundabout Feathers” for these fun feather wreaths with a twist!  These feathers are free-hand quilted with very minimal marking, as shown later.


[Sorry about that little piece of lint in this following picture!]



SO — you have this open space that is perfect for quilting something feathery!  For this particular quilt, I have A LOT of open space that I needed something feathery…. but I wanted to add visual interest to the feather wreaths, and not have all of them look identical… so I thought off-centered and concentric wreaths would do the job.

First, I looked through my piles of dishes, and found two bowls – one large, and one smaller.  You can decide what sizes work for you – just make sure one is smaller than the other.  And I then trace the circles on the open space.  The circles then form the spines of the wreaths, and are the determining factor of the placement of your wreath.


The key is to remember the inside feathers of the inner ring MIRRORS the outside feathers of the outer ring, as shown.  You can definitely mark the orientations of the first feather on each ring before you start if the feather wreaths on your quilt are direction-specific.


Then, you would start filling the outside of the outer ring, and inside of the inner ring with feathers!


Then, it’s time to feather the inner feathers of the outer ring.


For the outer feathers of the inner ring, I don’t do “full” feather lobes on some of them just to give the eye a bit of rest — instead I quilt the effect of overlapping feathers, as shown in the schematic.


I find these roundabout feather wreaths to be very versatile.  I can place them wherever I want on an open space, and I can decide how large or small my rings would be, and thus further customizing their appearances.  I hope you can see what I mean with the pictures of the wreaths quilted in real life that I had shared with you earlier in this post.

I hope you will give these wreaths a try!  Curious mind would love to know what you think of them! :)


Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a lovely week!


Click here, here, and here to read my other Thread Talk posts on quilting feather wreaths.

Hello Friends,  I enjoyed reading all your thoughts on feathers & batiks/balis from yesterday’s post.


Here is a sneak peek of what I have done with the batiks/balis.  The squares on this piece finish at 1 1/2″.  You can get a sense of the scale of the quilting.


I had used the same method to quilt the snowflakes on my Midwinter Night pillow (method described in the post).



So, back to Gingkos… the gingko quilting motif is inspired by a certain little girl who loves to pick leaves and flowers… and who has brought immense joy to my life.  The picture below shows Miss Baby picking up and playing with gingko leaves last Fall.


Thanks for stopping by, Dear Friends.  It’s back to work I go.  Hugs to you all!!

Hello Friends, it’s lovely to have you visit again.  I truly appreciate all the comments you have left on my blog of late.  I do apologize for not getting back with you quickly enough… I am hoping another 7-10 days, my life will be more normal again.  Here is a sneak peek of my Feathery Formation quilt for you — you know I do love quilting feathers!  Feather Formation is quilted with my domestic sewing machine, Bernina 640 Artista.


And I jumped right into these fabrics after Feather Formation.  I love love love these fabrics — I am really going to try to work with more Batiks/Balis!

IMG_5521SO, curious mind wants to know…

#1.  if you quilt with Batiks/Balis

#2.  if you have tried feather quilting

AND, what your assessments are for #1, and #2.

Thanks for stopping by.  I haven’t forgotten about the Thread Talk post on the feather wreath I had posted earlier this week.  It’s taking me a little longer to get the tutorial ready.  Stay tuned – hopefully, it will be ready before this week is over…

Hugs to you all!


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